chrome ball incident #160: inspiration information

Tried a little something different today and went back to the roots of six absolute pioneers. Funny seeing these instantly-recognizable icons on some Lil' Archie-type steez, looking so fresh-faced and new on the scene ... grouped together with similar young upstarts who's careers didn't quite achieve the same notoriety.

Its the small details and little idiosyncrasies, often revealing a different side of these legendary pros, that make looking back on these old Check-Outs definitely worth the time.


Anonymous said...

Mullen should write more articles.

Keith said...

Templeton's one footer over the rail looks so good.

The Penny check out is a bit of an odd ball. His impact was years later than the others.

Anonymous said...

Who's the best out of those 6? Here's mine:

1) Penny
2) Lee
3) Mariano
4) Barbee
5) Vallely
6) Templeton

AE said...

i remember having the jason lee checkout on my wall way back when. it was right next to julien stranger doing a frontside board on a handrail.

pizzy said...

I don't know if I like templeton's or jason lee's check out better. Great idea for a post.

Anonymous said...

yeah my bro kicked it in my ear:
"why get tempted to compare or rate?

Each skaters' reppin a style impossible to recreate".