chrome ball incident #157: paint it black


The third and final installment of Ethan Fowler's Big Brother interviews. This one comes from his criminally-underrated Cradle of Filth-era (March '99). While the majority (myself included) prefer his Greaser/Coltrane period during the Stereo days, there's something really cool about Ethan just switching up speeds like that and truly doing (again) whatever he feels like, regardless of the repercussions or fallout... which, from what i remember, were pretty severe. Gotta respect that.

And while those Stereo parts are without a doubt timeless and actually quite sacred at this point, there's something to be said for his Foundation parts as well (though I can't honestly say that I sweated this nearly as much as I am this).

Plus let's face it... it makes for a pretty good halloween post, too. (Sorry, no Creature/Scarecrow ads.)


smorales said...

such a good vans team.

slap forums are going to implode because of that episode.

Anonymous said...

That New Zealand tour issue of Big Brother was one of the funniest things ever. Extreme sheep herding - the real original action sport.

Keith said...

That ollie over the crusher to fs blunt is pretty sick.

Where is that "Heaven knows I'm miserable now" scan from?

That Vans team is pretty good but that pro series line of shoes were terrible looking.

K said...

Ethan Fowler...no relation to Jerry Fowler. Weren't they briefly on Toy Machine together?

gavin said...

it looks like his ankle has the flesh eating virus in that back feeble photo

chops said...

keith, that "heaven" scan is from an "style" article that was in Big Brother... Muska, Ed, Ali and Greco were also in there. Funny shit.

Yes, K. They were both on Toy around 93-93.. they might've both been on TV together too, cant remember