chrome ball incident #150: odd man out

Decided to switch it up and go with a little old(er) school today after I caught myself a couple nights ago downloading Johnny Rad songs off iTunes at 3 in the morning. I figured something that ridiculous/sad has to be a sign of some sort... so here it goes.

Steve Caballero was my first favorite pro skater growing up and going back through some of these old magazines, I can still see why... literally every damn photo of him is amazingly epic and larger than life. Dude can make skating a parking block look absolutely bananas on what can only be considered some straight-up rockstar-type shit. And even in those goofy 80's kits, Cab still somehow managed to look pretty cool. A textbook example of a timeless style of skating... no matter the get-up. Nevermind the blonde flat-top and the plaid shorts, my man rocked suspenders at the Animal Chin ramp and still came off.

Back in the day, I used to wish that I had that classic Cab headtilt when i skated cause I thought it looked so stylish... until years later when I would learn that I should probably be glad that I didn't have it. This made me respect him even more. Straight lemonade. Utmost legend.

Hope dude never quits.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding. The man. And the lesson. Skating for yourself. Nothing to prove.Not bagging on someone else, not riding jocks, just doing your own thing. And skating.

Anonymous said...

Top notch post. Lets see some Lance Mountain soon.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. I remember taking the first ad to my hairdresser back in the 80's and saying make my hair look like that! What year was the one Raging Waters?

Keith said...

man. His method airs are up there with Hosoi's. The very first skate mag I ever bought was the TWS with his interview and I couldn't even ollie at that point!

Can't believe he's stuck with Powell throughout all these years.

I've seen him at several contests over the years and he's always smiling and having a good time. Great role model.

Beancan said...

We don't street skate... We street style.

chops said...

thanks guys.

Larry, it was actually between Steve and Lance... and oddly enough Kelly Bird. Expect those other two guys soon.

Jason, that Raging Waters photo is from 1987.

Keith, the vancouver snake run and the pink motel ads are both from the first transworld i ever bought which is completely beat to shit. met him once with lance and steve saiz in 91. just as nice you'd expect he'd be.

hughes... i was actually looking for that "streetstyle" clip. haha. thanks.

Keith said...

Cab and Steve Saiz have both made a killing selling old PP decks on ebay.

Stevie Caballero said...

Thanks for the props and the kid words fellas:)
Grace and Peace,

chops said...

whoa! thanks steve!

...so stoked right now.