chrome ball incident #149: steady as she goes

"Is that a far-away camera?"


K said...

anti-hero vs. pissdrunx

when i started skateboarding, i read thrasher and slap extensively. and i remember how friggin' intense the DLX guys were,especially the Anti-Hero team. the DLXSF video and Anti-Hero 98 were among my favorites because the skating was fearless, the music was usually pretty good, and well these guys were no joke. they skated, chilled, drank beer, got into fights and clowned hard. you ever read that andy roy interview in big brother? exactly. that horrible, unfriendly, downright despicable and frightening aspect of skateboarding that made parents tremble in fear.

as i started to drift from skateboarding, i remember how set the whole piss-drunx/warner avenue thing was starting to become cool. and i kind of hated it. it was a little too hollywood and seemed sorta contrived. i seem to remember that all those guys used to wear baggy pants and fat tounged sneakers. now all of a sudden they were fashion punks in drainpipe jeans, drinking 40s, partying hard.
What's more, most of us skaters on the East Coast couldn't really relate to it.

where are you andy roy???

smorales said...

Andy Roy is in Modesto teaching skateboard lessons, probably amongst other things...

"Sean Young was the shit" -E. Fowler

Thanks for posting that first one. It's also on Tobin's site, nice to see where it got placed. It's interesting that that part of the anti-hero 98 was put up, but it is one of my personal favorites. with the sean and julien footy and that cardiel spin transfer helicopter etc.

Does anyone here own an original Fucktards? You would be like, cool and shit.

chops said...

i feel you, k. i thought the piss drunx thing was kinda cool... but part of it did feel a little "rock and roll dress-up".

plus, really... how punk rock can you be on tony hawk and per welinder's dime?

actually smorales, i was a little desperate for sean clips and thought that last one was a completely different clip altogether... whoops! had to do a quick little edit job.

rasta robby said...

hill bomb in the rain is still the craziest thing i have ever seen on a skateboard

rustic_fences said...

I own an original copy of fucktards and the video with the cow on the cover and the two song promo. Cash Money Vagrant, too. I'm #1!

Anonymous said...

Love that shot of the ollie over the tree stump. Style for miles. The Spitfire ad is sick as hell too.