chrome ball incident #148: banned in d.c.

I've been vibing off these Chocolate City-centric Nicotine/Capital ads for a minute now... such an exciting time when all these new companies were sprouting up (not just for DC kids but the east coast heads in general). Seemed like some major shit was about to go down industry-wise. And then... nothing. Seemingly out of nowhere, the balloon just popped and just like that, shit was over.

This Andy Stone interview over at Bobshirt gets into all that and much more.

R.I.P. Pepe


K said...

I've been living in DC for a few years, but it's pretty amazing how much the District has bounced back. For a while it seemed like things weren't really poppin...

But I will say this, Andy Stone may've been amazing, but his video parts were so poorly filmed that they were pretty much UNWATCHABLE. His part in Element's "Fine Artists Vol 1" is a prime example. Someone should find the idiot who was in charge of filming these videos and kick them in the teeth.

tp said...

Yeah K, I was down there last some. It seems the urban gentrification thing is really working out down there. Running from the park police at freedom plaza really took me back to the good old days too.

Chops you must have been reading my mind cause i watched Pepe's fine artists part a few times this weekend. RIP

Have you seen that tribute video for him that has been floating around a while?

Anonymous said...

Nicotine...was this spurred by something else, maybe?

Anonymous said...

Good post. This definitely was a great time in skateboarding.

In response to what 'k' said about the poor filming, I want to say Dave Schubert was the man behind the camera. In one of those videos, a font came up on the screen that read, "Filmed by a blind man on a pogo stick."

chops said...

good to see DC crackin' again. always have a good time whenever i'm in the District. good to see you back on here, k.

Stoner's Fine Artists part is the only video part i can recall with a "filmer disclaimer". haha

tp, pepe + lord finesse = the shit. i think i've linked to that tribute video in a previous pepe post. its definitely on youtube.

and let me be the first to publicly congratulate my girl Peel for successfully quitting smoking. keep it up.

Keith said...

nice post. Capital was one of my favourite companies when it first started.

That Pepe fine artists part seemed a lot better back in the day. Still tonnes of great stuff though. sick style.

And I gotta agree about a lot of the early footage out of DC being really badly filmed. I guess Dan Wolfe and Gee remedied some of that.

According to skimthefat, fine artists was Andy Stones last video footage. He's gotta have something after '94.

K said...

Two really really good DC sites:

Lurker Ave.


The Forgotten City

(both run by the same dude who made Mumbo Sauce).