chrome ball incident #146: washing machine

rolling like a fresh pack of hanes white tees, my man scott johnston is clean, crisp, and classic.

and no, that bottom joint isn't simon evans... its classic big brother fucking-up the ads.


smorales said...

just picked up the FTC box, so I gotta save a couple of those links for the big screen. Scott Johnston is the rippingest skater alive!

Anonymous said...

So you found the ads where he doesn't tailside?! Now thats digging.

tp said...

need to get this ftc box set apparently.

his pro file in 411 #3 was always a go to video for me back then.

i give him a lot of credit for appearing in fully flared. with all these comebacks lately, i am glad to see someone like him is just doing his thing and just skating. keeping pace and being real.

Anonymous said...

The Big Brother ad mixup was a classic! I always wondered why that happened.

gavin said...

one of the best ever, who gives a shit about his video part length

so psyched on this

Anonymous said...

He looks so great a board, his lines are the greatest just because it's so enjoyable to watch him riding. Only wish we saw more of him.

Keith said...

SJ is now shoe designing for Lakai.

Love that BB mix up LOL

IMO when Mad Circle picked up SJ, it totally took that company to another level. I saw SJ's Mad team in the same light as Gino's 101

In the first best of 411, Justin Girard was folding shirts in SJ's room. Clean dude!

Top 10 best skate styles ever.

SJ in half cabs looked so natural. I was horrified when he got on DC.

Carryout said...

simon evans was really good though...
i think there was some simon evans self-written 2 page article in TWS around the same time of all these scanned photos... that simon evans article was about how he was a pro too, but how he lives kind of a different life compared to the average pro. i think the article had a full page picture of his ollie hole. just for the record i guess.

chops said...

yeah, that ftc box is news to me but that's a definite pick-up for sure.

my man rob e beats always had a vendetta against sj. not sure why. especially since he used to look just like him... haha.

i kinda forgot how long johnston has been around. like i didn't remember that he rode for Think or that dude ever lived in DC... but for real, dude just looks right on a board.

and no doubt carryout, there's no slight here at all against simon evans. his flicks were always real nice. i remember his "good stuff" piece in TWS being particularly good. wouldn't be suprised if i posted that up at some point.

Anonymous said...

after watching the epicly later'd on gino i. and then seeing these clips, i really think sj had a way better style.