chrome ball incident #133: endless

"remember that its all about four wheels and a board... fuck all the politics. have fun." -keenan milton (forever)

check 1, 2...

its good to be back. thanks for the time off. gino 6 really had me inspired all week so i wanted to return the favor. keenan was such an amazing guy.

thanks to lakai for the link... funny how i take a week off and my traffic doubles.

rest in peace to keenan, cool hand luke, johnny romano and ptah templeton.


Anonymous said...

You read my mind! I was hoping for a Gino post after watching epiclylaterd, such a great insight into Keenan. Don't think i'd seen the Venture one before. You've delivered the goods once again.

Keith said...

Chrome ball back in action.

That heel flip venture ad was way back in the day. He was on Fun iirc.

Love that switch hard heel over the gap. Keenan had one of the best styles ever. Serious pop too.

Nice link from Lakai!

Anonymous said...

Did Keenan ride for Blind?

notorious said...

Great comeback post man...way to start it off. I saw him in the Deathbowl to Downtown documentary this weekend and it brought a tear to my eye.

gavin said...

greatest stance of all time

Anonymous said...

the best thing about this laterd was the footage of keenan not skating switch

it blows my mind to think how solid he must have been later in his life but no footage came out

smorales said...

alot of keepers. reynolds on 4star? surely it must be justin...

whoskate said...

keep up the good work!
nice blog you got...one of the best i´ve seen

greatings from Portugal


Anonymous said...

Oh man i just got to say thank you so much for this Keenan milton post, so much inspiration, i remember watching that s/s inward heel many many times, suchhh a dope style! Do some more Gino's too if you can! Thank you once again!

chops said...

thanks jason and yes keenan did ride for blind in between fun (unless i'm forgetting one) and chocolate.

everyone go to fairways and flips.

damn, notorious. sweatin deathbowl hardcore. can't wait to see that joint.

its a damn shame el. this is by far the most trivial aspect of his loss but i definitely feel that keenan was really starting to shine at the time of his death. a terrible loss.

smorales... youre crazy, holmes. justin reynolds on 4star is just downright nutty.

thanks whoskate. greetings from pittsburgh.

i'll try to get some more ginos but my man just doesn't have much to work with. i have way more keenan to do... upon looking for stuff about this post, i found a very emotional eulogy for keenan written by his former upstairs neighbor (in big brother of all places). its absolutely incredible and quite moving but i felt it just didn't fit here.

Anonymous said...

Sickest style on a board...who was smoother doing some of the most difficult tricks with CRAZY POP??

Also a great guy off the board..SUPER nice, always friendly to everyone.

But he also wasnt a sucker. I remember hearing how he gave Mike Hernandez an open-hand smack to the face during a heated Seelo game.

Got to see him skate Newburgh skate park during one of their contests in like '95..all his friends showed up dipped in Polo shit..during that contest he was the first person i saw do a nollie hardflip (no illusion shit either), and a nollie inward heel.

Def gone wayyy before his time. He would still be blowing minds today if he was still around. RIP

Anonymous said...

Oh, and he skated for Fun (along with Huf, Pupecki and Chris Keefe)..then was on Plan B for a minute...then Blind (right when they had thise "Celtic Lettering" logo boards out...how ill were those?)..when he was on Blind he had that ad doing a PERFECT sw pop shuv nose grind...then he got on Chocolate.