chrome ball incident #127: trippy keyboard

went with some pre-"vacation", greaser-era ethan for the big friday post.

Iowa City's finest teenage runaway: power meets finesse. i never realized he was only 15 when he was on toy machine.

purpose before profit... so stoked on this dude.


Keith said...

Never saw that Art Bar video part before. It's really good! His first line in it is down the street from my pad. He always had a great 360 flip. I remember he was super young in the tv/television days. crazy.

hairfarmer said...

Ah, I had that 360 flip photo ready to go. Great post; Ethan is godly; his video parts got me stoked on skating again after a long and depressing hiatus.

chops said...

that's funny hf, i actually double-checked the Informer archives twice cause I thought you had.

we're even though... you totally stung me yesterday with that first division maldonado joint. haha

and keith, wasn't ethan on milk before he got down with templeton... dude must've been 10 years old.

thanks fellas

Royce said...

Been thinking about that first shot for years. Never thought I would find/see it. SF contest.


smorales said...

thank you so much for these. I was just at Santa Rosa park a few hours ago doing ollies about half as high as that 360 flip, if that... Did he do a bs puleo on that double ledge? or just ollie on the first one?
Oh and the rest of that kickflip sequence would be stellar. Thanks!

chops said...

yeah royce, that was in big brother... glad i could hook you up, holmes.

smorales, i'm not sure how he got up there... i'm hoping it was a backside version of bob's grind(if anybody could do it, it would be ethan) but still not sure.

i'll try to fit the rest of that in a future post. That was from his first interview of three in big brother... all of which are pretty amazing as they capture him in various stages of his career.

hairfarmer said...

Didn't Satva do 50-50 to crooks at that spot?

I would be stoked if you posted up the Big Brother interviews; especially the one from the late 90's when he was in his "goth" phase. Lost that issue back then and have been wanting to see it ever since.

chops said...

you got it, hf. i'll do all 3 around the time his epicly later'd episode comes out.

and now that i think about it... satva might have done that. i'll keep an eye out for that one (unless you beat me to it). been meaning to do a satva post anyway.