chrome ball incident #126: breakfast of champions

my moms still hates that cereal box.

the Gav.


tp said...

Seriously, does this guy even have a reason why he still does not skate?

Anonymous said...

that noseblunt shove-it pic is sick, never seen that one before.

Keith said...

Pack of Lies was good. That's about it. I wonder if he plays a draw or a fade?

Anonymous said...

His part in pack of lies was ill but I met him at a demo with Guy, Rodney Mullen, Rudy, and I cant remember who else but Tim was a total dick. He just listened to Das Efx on his huge headphones (It was their first single...I think "They Want Efx?)..and vibed most of the kids.

This was when Jovontaes board was out that was all black with just eyes and a mouth...I remember that because the Blind guys were all bugging on the graphic.

Rodney's tall-ass wife at the time was there too.

They all begged Rodney for their Per-diem $ so they could Carvel down the street (this was at cheapskates in South Orange, NJ)