chrome ball incident #123: i keep mine hidden

slangin' product, World tour beefs, mackin' on Rosie Perez and Grandma smokin' out Jef Hartsel... and yeah, some funky lookin' feet. Big Brother interviews Kareem Campbell.

damn, never saw this before.

and R.I.P. Van Wastell.

*Update: Alright party people, sorry this looks like shit. I had to post one-pagers cause blogspot kept resizing the two-pagers and people were complaining about potentially-permenant ocular damage as a result of reading reem's tiny ass font. sorry to TP and anybody else that was caught out there with a vanishing post. not a good start to the week. thanks to my man keith for the assistance.


Anonymous said...

big brother always had the best interviews. those photos are sick too!

K said...

I heard that Steve Berra and 'reem never really got along. Was it that World tour in '92 or '93 that there was some story about Berra leaving cuz of bullying?

Keith said...

Nasty feet.

I like the pic of Kareem's little bro andthat tre flip over the box is awesome.

Now Kareem is rocking Finesse, er, kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel IMO.

Anonymous said...

Kareem is now doing Push distribution in Dallas. Good luck 'Reems!

platinumseagulls said...

To this day, that switch frontside shove-it over the sidewalk gap and shopping cart is one of my all time favorite tricks.