chrome ball incident #105: pornography

A few artsier shots of the sponsor slut himself, Kris Markovich.

Bust on him for the team changes all you want (hell, he even does it himself), dude is a straight-up pioneer that always puts it down. I remember thinking Kris and this dude were the two burliest dudes on planet... and that was damn near 20 years ago.

In 1992, the sum total of these two parts meant bad news. My man could dress up like Marky Markovich all he wanted to with his big-ass pants (even by '92 standards)... nobody was sayin' shit.

And of course, this place was instrumental.

the chrome ball incident... now with boobs.


Keith said...


I think every town in North America had a Markovich wannabe... following the hair cuts and dye jobs, clothes etc

I remember he had that T-bags company in the goofyboy days.

I can remember him in G&S ads as well as his Winona Riders parts trying to whistle after eating saltines.

IIRC he wanted fakie fs heel bigspins, aka, the Howard flip or Rick flip depending who you talk to, to be renamed the Markovich flip. How lame.

Anonymous said...

Cool post again - top marks. Could we have some of that ill Billy Valdes MNC - City Stars team stuff - some good photos.

Keith said...

In some parts of Canada, the fakie bigspin flip was called the "my dick" and the Howard flip was "my cunt". Not sure why LOL

As for the Markovich flip, I'm just going off memory.

K said...

Ahhh Markovich. Two great parts come to mind. The first 101 video where he skated to Hendrix's "All Along the Watchtower" and the Color video, where he skated to Tree People's cover of Bigmouth Strikes Again. The latter video is what got me into the Smiths, and later Built to Spill.

On the real dude, you should devote a post to how influential skateboard videos were in shaping people's musical tastes. Stereolab, The Jam, Iron Maiden, Hieroglyphics, I could go on all day about how many artists I was introduced to because of skate video soundtracks.

chops said...

damn k, i was talking to my girlfriend just the other day about this EXACT same thing.

i could seriously go on forever about this but i'd say that an embarrasingly high percentage of my favorite bands / songs can be linked to skate videos.

from a personal standpoint, among the first skate videos I ever saw in the 6th grade were the Ohio Skateout (introduced me to the just about the entire SST roster) and Streets On Fire (really got me into Sonic Youth)... And if it wasn't the music being played in the video, it was because of a favorite skater wearing a particular band shirt (Natas and Tommy G wearing P.E. Nation shirts, Jeremy Klein wearing a Smiths shirt, hell even Cab rocking a Misfits shirt in Animal Chin) and so on.

And from those two factors alone, the list of introductions can go on and on...

the best is when there's a band you don't like but you really love exactly one song of theirs just because so-and-so skated to it.

or when you know all the words to some random-ass old song that you can bust out on command and freak people out because, again, it was on a video.

I'm rambling but fuck it, its my site.

not sure how I could flip a post on this but this is just one more aspect of how big an influence skating has had on me.

I actually just made a playlist of skate part songs on my ipod just the other day.

awesome, k

chops said...

and if you haven't seen this yet, my man seb has a great blog called "a visual sound" over there that deals with this whole steez.


tp said...

first off. frankie hill was the man and quite burly to say the least. i heard he knocked him self so hard during a photo shoot that he had to leave skateboarding entirely. repped my bulldog deck hard.

second. totally hear what you are saying about music from skatevideos. I have such nostalgia for so many random songs. try to keep as many video part songs on my shuffle as i can(the most perfect device for listening to music while skating btw). checked out that visual sound a little while ago it was alright. i can honestly say skateboarding was the main influence of my musical taste for my early teen years. even if i did not catch on from the video part, sure enough a friend of mine was playing the cd cause it caught his ear and so on.

third. your girlfriend tolerates you talking about music in old skatevideos and how it influenced your taste. now i am really impressed.

now i am rambling and it really is not my blog but as far as how you could post it would be a collection of those little music reviews that were always tucked in the back somewhere.

chops said...

frankie hill was my man, kicker ramp and all. since public domain i loved that dude... but towards the celebrity tropical fish-era, dude got ROUGH. sketchy's not even the word for it, yeah he pioneered going real big... but damn.

you had to give it to him though. dude went for his and you know he was out literally killing himself.

i know he got on consolidated for a minute after powell then blew out his knee or something. he tried a comeback later but it didn't work and you saw him with these weird sponsors... like trucks that spark or some kinda shit like that. sad.

comment how ever long you want on here, holmes. and that goes for everybody. i like the feedback.

shout out to my girlfriend for listening to my boring ass talk about dumb shit all the time! love you, boo!

chops said...

i actually just went back and watched frankie's tropical fish part and its definitely not as rough as i remember it being, style-wise... not saying frankie was gino-smooth or anything but not as bad as i remember it being.

my man is definitely not afraid to lay those hands down though... mid-rail even. whoa.

and i bet that was one annoying dude.

but yeah, he still kills it. i should do a post on him at some point.

Not The New Stereo Video said...

Actually, it gave me an idea for a future post on "A Visual sound" : instead of the classic tunes/albums, I'll try to put together a playlist with just the embarrassing ones.
I mean, as I mentionned it a few times, I did buy that Pennywise blue album, a Big Drill Car one (my ears still ache) and also a Bullet Lavolta LP (Vallely, Right to skate), which led to quite a lot of Epitaph / sub pop rubbish and sofort. Tool? Never messed with shit, ffeew. Ahh, youth.

Keith said...

Never heard Dinosaur, Heiro, Greenday or lots of 60's/70's tracks until they showed up in skate videos.

There are lots of songs that straight up take me back in time. Hensley's song in Hokus Pokus, the Odd Number song at the start of the New Deal promo, Dinosaur's Just like Heaven, Jackson 5's I Want You Back. That's just off the top of my head.

I was a big Frankie Hill fan in high school when Ban This and Propaganda came out. When he mute grabbed over that huge grass hill, holy crap that was big. I was kind of over him after the hand dragging thing go so out of control. He started looking like a freaking lame snowboarder.

Here's a session with Gabe, Hirata and Frankie Hill from Jake Rosenberg.

"and i bet that was one annoying dude." LOL He does come across a little irritating eh.

johnspark said...

Just wanted to let you know think the site is great. Regarding the rick flip, Markovic was only joking about it being renamed. I think a mag editor called it that and he was actually a bit embarrassed about it. I think he also talked to Rick about the situation. He talks about it in an interview from back in the day. I totally agree re the music influence of skate videos and yes it is a bit embarrassing in a way. Oh well that’s the life of a skate rat I guess. From memory Frankie Hill blew out his knee at the back to the city contest in San Francisco in 92 or 93