chrome ball incident #101: satan is a friend of mine

the obvious move. it was actually gonna be a natas interview but I couldn't resist. so damn good.

seriously, though... what's not to like here about natas's brainchild:

1. that evil-ass satan board

2. 5 classic video projects with a combined running time of about a half hour

3. classic rocco-flavored art direction with cliver, mckee, jenkins and kaupas

4. leigh peterson's intro

5. adam mcnatt before he started riding for those weird companies in the back of thrasher

6. markovich killing shit in some big-ass pants on a team he actually stuck with for more than 2 weeks

7. (an instructional tape) and snuff's packaging

8. lost frosty but added gino

9. gabriel being a fucking hermit.

10. got out before world started to fail... none of that wet willy/grim reaper shit.

that Marky Markovich joint still bugs me out to this day.

kept a few goodies in pocket for down the line but any 101 is good 101. I know yesterday I promised no more big posts for a while... blew it.


Anonymous said...

Dope dope dope! 101 still rocks, love to see more 101 stuff from around 94-96. Q: Dill is riding a Suriel deck, I remember the deck graphics - some cigar series. But was it a Menace deck or what?

Agostinho said...

epic epic epic epic epic epic epic post man!

That Gino interview was dope. Would love for you to post more 101 stuff.

Royce said...

Morning stoke! Thanks for the good morning.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making my work day brighter everyday. Nice post.

Keith said...


101 was always sick. In my city, we never really got either of the two first 101 videos on time or the Blind video for that matter. Saw all of those at least 6 months after release.

Great selection of ads. The 902101 ad. And the Marky Markovich. The Koston Hosoi-esque Speedwheels ad LOL

The early 101 board graphics were great. Gabe had 2 boards which were phonetically dragon wagon... one was a kid dragging a wagon and the other was a dragon wagging it's tail.

After Koston left, I never thought they would recover. Then snuff came out. I was thinking "Who the hell is this Gino guy?" Became one of my favourite skaters. He had a 50+ frame sequence in BB or something like that. LOL

That gino Start to Finish is sweet. Never saw it before. magazine? After he left, 101 basically died right?

The Menace board Dill is riding is the first series of Menace boards. Blunt graphics. Suriel Sweets, White Alomar, King Eric. Great series.

Anonymous said...

Anybody got those graphics from the Menace cigar series? Long shot?Those graphics would make some dope ass tees.

Keith said...

iirc Valdez didn't turn pro until the USA all-star jersey series graphics. He didn't get a blunts board. I've been scouring the internet for those blunt graphics for my blog but came up empty handed.

re Mcnatt... that dude was on his own trip in terms of skating. He had that 411 profile all ninja-ed out and skating the crazy long bars over grass. I remember in 94 or so, when 99.9% of board were popsicle stick shape, he had a board with a shape that had a nose that was reminisce of a hammerhead.

Anonymous said...

that girl looks like Sarah Silverman.

K said...

Andy Stone left to join Underworld Element very early on. I think after "Snuff." The team lasted until a little while after Trilogy came out.

chops said...

you're right, k. don't know what happened there... brain fart, i guess.

...that's so stupid, its actually kinda embarassing.

*chops embarassingly employs executive privilege of deleting ridiculous comment.*

somehow i think i combined snuff and trilogy-era teams... stoops! three big-ass posts and the mind is gone.

peace to andy stone.

Anonymous said...

i wonder what sizes those phsychothane wheels came in