chrome ball incident #92: watch out now

Still don't exactly know what the hell he's saying here, but Tony Fergs had the buttery slickness that always made him enjoyable to watch. Plus, I don't think he ever chose a bad song for a video part in his entire career.

Honestly, I think it was Watson who said it best:
"I swear if you put a list of flip tricks in one hat, and a list of grinds or slides in another, he could pick one out of each hat and make a 360 out of it on a bank to bench."


K said...

I loved Tony's part in "Mouse" Shit was just buttery. BS 180 flip to 50-50, pivot out.

Fact: The song that he used for the part in mouse "So Called Friends" by Group Home is kinda hard to find. I believe Guru from Gangstarr had something to do w/that record.

Does anyone know what happened to him or some of the other OGs from the Girl team? Seriously. So much talent on that team, and so many of these heads just POOF disappeared.

chops said...

group home was part of the gangstarr foundation, so-called friends was on an Ill Kid compilation put out by Guru. Love that song. classic primo.

another song i liked of theirs was "supa star" which I was too damn close to naming yesterday's post after but felt it was too corny.

not sure what happened with Fergs... i saw on the tap that he got married a little while back (sorry ladies) but that's about it.

Keith said...

Nice. Two Canadians on the chromeball homepage + the John Drake sequence on Canadian soil. Canucks are taking over.

Tony runs the show at the Alife store in Van. I haven't seen or spoken to him since before I left for Mexico (July 07).

Definitely good song choices throughout the year. Good skating as well. I have his first sponsor me video part at my folks house on my copy of Hokus Pokus. He skated to Suicidal Tendencies. He rode for H-street before Real, had a clothing company called Medicamento back in the day and was also a pro snowboarder for Storm.

His part in Yeah Right IMO was amazing. It was a nice surprise.

He's got some footage in a few Canadian videos (North and Port Moody Blues). North is MIA on the web. Here's Port Moody Blues. Tony's got the first part.

Great post!

smorales said...

yeah keith, I was gonna say his yeah right footage was real nice. Mouse too.

Anonymous said...

This guy was like the great white hype of the great white north.

Dude was ill but that Watson dude is out of his mind with that line.

Watson said...

Ahahah out of my mind, it's a joke.

Great post Chops! Thanks for the link. Just getting caught up on all your posts now.

As for what he says in Virtual Reality:

It cuts in late but....

"you(?) to the camera.
yeah, I'm just an amatcha (amateur)
That's me Tony Rone."

I believe that Tony Rone was a nickname of his.

So fucking stoked on T-Ferg over here.

Watson said...

Ahahaha man the Canadian faces those guys are rockin in that ad crack me the fuck up.

Also stoked that Rick Howard totally over plays his accent. Most of us sound normal over here, Howard walks around sounding like Bob And Doug Mackenzie. It's awesome.