chrome ball incident #89: sound and vision

Rick Howard: loser, degenerate, junior high school drop-out, influential professional skateboarder and co-owner of (in my opinion) the best skateboard company of all-time.

and also for those who were asking, I've added a feed for chrome ball... so there you go.


smorales said...

Rickk is under-appreciated. Frontside shove-it master.

chops said...

couldn't agree more. crazy underrated.

Anonymous said...

the second to last picture is rick howard landing a varial heel right? I couldnt tell if it was inward or varial, but my suspicions tell me its varial heel.

and thank you for taking the time to post stuff about skateboarding history.

chops said...

yeah jensen, its a frontside varial heel. classic howard.

i've been meaning to put this one up for a while. i spread out the scanning over a couple of days so it wasn't too bad (not posting on the weekends helps me do larger ones like this). thanks for checking it out.

Anonymous said...

one of the few skaters i actually was kind of fanning out on when i saw him in person. so sick.
also, the blocks at chaffey were damn square back then!

Keith said...

Nice. Being Canadian, I've always liked Rick Howard. One of the best styles of all time and a great 360 flip. It's amazing he's been around for so long. Splendid Eye Torture was so freaking long ago. His part in Adventures in Cheese was amazing at its time.

chops said...

Rickk's just amazing... great skater and a really funny dude.

I'd fan out if I saw him too.

what trips me out is that i saw on the berrics where Rickk and Carroll have been pro almost as long as Mike Mo has been alive!

Watson said...

YES! Howard!

Converse Dr. Js!

Sick with the pool shots way before it was re-cool to shoot in pools.

Super funny dude. One of the funniest pros ever. He hams it up, but still remains hilarious, rather than cheesy like Marc Johnson.

After this issue came out, I copied that last shot with him holding the stretch armstrong, but put a board in his hand and painted it on my griptape and put something really cheesy underneath like "Determination" or something. Ahahah my stomach turns at the embarassment.

shiftace said...

I always wanted a pair of those brown Airwalk Enigmas Rick used to rock..never had the scratch for em though. Great syle and co-mastermind of the greatest escape ever.