chrome ball incident #80: crank heart

3 flicks of Mr. Jason Dill (circa 98-99).

What an interesting journey its been.


Keith said...

I liked Dill best when he was on 101 and 23. In his Skatemore part, he wears some really odd clothing.

chops said...

its hard for me to have a preference simply due to the fact that i sometimes have trouble remembering that 101 Dill and NYC Dill are the same dude.

I'm feeling you on the wacky (some would argue "contrived") kits though... but whatevs. he always kills it.

Royce said...

Something about pissing in the ocean and making a difference? But, people still have to pee. I dunno. Wear what you want. I understand the frustration of everyone looking the same and tread jumping. That is a valid enough reason to purposely dress differently. Dill has always ripped, every part he has put out has been up to par skill wise. Skateboarders tend to live in skate world most of the time, and they are really missing out on allot of cool experiences.

pizzy said...

Thanks for that bs ollie photo. I really been feeling his photosynthesis part lately. The walk down the stairs to ollie line is so classic. Funny thing is I just found a almost new pair of his vita shoes in my closet.