chrome ball incident #76: boy king

A legend both on and off his board, Sean Sheffey will bust your shit.


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The best.

K said...

What happened with Sheffey? In fact, what went down with the lost original members of Girl/Chocolate.

Here's what i know:
*Jovantae Turner-really into fixed gear bikes. Even had his own jean company for a while
*Shamil Randle-was locked up for a little while
*Rudy Johnson-playing a lot of music. occasionally popping up in videos
*Mike York-didn't he leave Chocolate????

Anonymous said...

sheffey went fucking loopy on drugs, he was really into hitting people at random, skated a contest during the one minute silence for tim brauch etc..
aparently dvs had to change the locks at their hq to keep him out.

this blog is sick, do chico.

chops said...

my favorite sheffey story is that one spike tells in the mouse commentary...
"hey lady, stick your head back in the window! we're trying to make a REALISTIC fucking movie!"

but yeah, evidently drugs (and according to carl hyndman: pat duffy) led to Sheff's undoing. A shame.

-Tae is here

-I think York was kicked off, or at least that's what his myspace bulletin alluded to (dude loves some 'Space). Turf's up!

-Rudy does Royal... and music.

and you're in luck otis, been working on a chico one and its up next.

Watson said...

The story from the Mouse bonus features is soooo good.

I heard a story from my homie in LA, I have no idea how valid it is, but knowing Sheff, it probably is: Something about Sheffey chasing Donger onto the roof of an apartment building because Donger broke in to his apartment and smoked all of his crack or meth or something.

I really like the image of Donger holding the door to the roof shut and Sheffey yelling at him for smoking all his crack.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Hyndman's theory. There's an old photo of Duffy grinding that "School Q" bank to rail with Shef all smiles in the background.

He was past his prime, but he was still killing it into the early '00s.

Anonymous said...

There is no disputing Duffy is gnarly and responsible for what allot of people are doing today. But, his style isn't all that nice to watch.

chops said...

yeah, there's some points in that Carl Hyndman interview that raised a suspicious eyebrow... one of which was definitely that Duffy comment.

I know exactly the photo Royce is talking about and Sean hardly seems crushed by what was transpiring. Sheffey was on Shut, SMA, and Life... those teams were hardly lightweights. Its not like he'd never been around good skaters before.