chrome ball incident #63: the funky technician

Nice little interview with Lord Pep and his girlfriend from the Feb. 95 issue of Transworld. The interview reads real laid back and cool while that opening spread is a beast... despite TWS's puzzling decision to highlight the fact that Pepe likes shoes. A lot.

The article is post-Fine Artists and while the flicks are cool, there's obviously something missing. The notion of a Pepe post without any Pulaski in it is just ridiculous, so I had to remedy the situation. Consider that first joint up there the cherry on top.



Keith said...

yeah! Pepe was one of my favourites back in the day. In Skypager, I thought his style looked kinda Sheffey-ish but smoother. His part in Fine Artists was great.

chops said...

thanks Keith, you caught me OCD-ing out on the text a little... glad you like it.

I loved that Fine Artists part too. Raw but smooth. If you've ever been to Pulaski, you can't help but think about that dude pretty much the whole time you're there. At least I couldn't

Keith said...

yeah. I've had the opportunity to skate some of the best street spots in North America and Pulaski was one of them. Only 2 skaters entered in my mind when I was skating there: Pepe and Andy Stone. Holy crap that was a long time ago. Summer of 95.

Never got to skate Love Park but I did get to skate EMB (I was there when Plan B formed), the LA courthouse, New Spot in Van to name a few.

rasta robby said...

legendary fallen soldier.

Anonymous said...

the KFBSTS was at ASR and he was drunk!

Anonymous said...

I can remember reading this interview and staring at these pictures for hours, to think that's been 13 years ago and this legend, amidst so many more, has passed on in that time. Skateboarding has changed so fuckin much that I don't even pay attention to it anymore, but it's all this old stuff that gets me amped up to still run a flatground session every once in a while. Thanks for this website! Keep it up