chrome ball incident #56: workinonit

I wish I could dork around this good.

Nobody beats Koston in SKATE.


Keith said...

Nobody dorks better than Koston. Some of the dork tricks he does are straight up difficult.

IIRC, he did a bs nose grind benihana whilst grinding shove it out with the tail grab hand LOL

Watson said...

Man when I saw that sequence the first time, it blew my mind.

I honestly, truly believe that Koston is the best skater who will ever skateboard. I don't care how long skating is around for, I don't think anyone will have the raw talent that Koston does. He's got it all. Manuals, ledges, gaps, rails, and he always does a never been done on all of them.
And then on top of that he skates transition with such proper classic style. He's insane.

Case in point: The Girl/Chocolate Australia tour video. Did anyone see that no-grab, tuck knee half cab off the side of that wedge? You can't just do shit like that to goof off.

Dave said...

For the longest time, I thought the fandangle on the rail really went down. A while later, I figured out I was an idiot. I still remember the Rick Howard ad with the f/s pop shoveit to f/s nosegrind where the trick checklist had "fandangle" listed as an option.

Lame story, but I always thought the rail he's doing the noseslide tailgrab on was in San Antonio - no clue why. Anyway, it turns out its in Houston (where I now live) across the street from the federal courthouse. I was down there filing some papers one day, and somehow put two and two together (watched some vids and started to notice some of the background buildings looked familiar; also, had google mapped it and saw the satellite images - total nerd moment) and decided to take a little detour and walk across the street to the park and confirm it. The park is located above ground and the rail is pretty well hidden from the streets I normally drive down, but I ventured up to the park, and sure enough, I'm standing there staring at the rail, all while in a suit and tie. It's not like visiting Pier 7 or EMB (or even the new spot), but I was so psyched to see this rail and think of all the tricks that have been done down it (Marc Johnson f/s 180 to fakie 5-0 is probably my all time fave, although that 50-50 up it by that DVS kid [Luis Tolentino??] was pretty burly. I guess a big part of it was realizing this little gem was sitting there this whole time, and I had no idea.