chrome ball incident #53: razzle dazzle

the real godfather of bay area slang. fuck e-40.

check it out as up top, my man goes bunsen over the junsen at Ft. Miley while down below is easily the most mackadocious ad Powell ever ran. peep T.G. as holmes ice grills you with a P.E. shirt and a backwards Louis Vuitton cap... hard to believe that dude was ever teammates with mike mcgill.


Keith said...

Only member of the Bones Brigade with any street cred. Animal Chin was the first video I ever saw and he his early grabs off those bumps was sick.

chops said...

yeah, this post was for the older heads out there.

animal chin was the first video i ever saw, too. chin ramp was the money obviously but my friends and I used to sweat Wallows like crazy... even if it was just a filthy sewer that almost killed Tony Hawk.

t.g.'s my man but its impossible to hate on Lance.

Keith said...

I guess Lance and Cab have vert cred?

I like Lance too.

chops said...

i like 'em all to varying degrees... well, with the exception of mcgill. mctwist or not, that guy always seemed like a kook. i mean seriously, wearing your pro model shirt is bad, let alone wearing it backwards with the sleeves cut off.

cab was actually my favorite of the 5 back in the day. i thought he was so damn stylish with that cocked head steez, little did i know that homeboy had a bent spine.