#691: the grand scheme of things



chops said...

I honestly didn't know how to go about even doing this one. Truth be told, I wasn't even going to do a post on this but everything else just seemed kinda stupid in comparison.

I'm not one for political/patriotic rhetoric, especially on something such as chrome ball. I just felt like this was the correct thing to do today.

Quartersnacks said it better, as they usually do:

didn't realize they posted up that same TWS article until just now. sorry fellas.

NYSkateboarding.com said...

Thank You for this!

Huckleberry Hart said...

A solemn and appropriate note. Thanks Chops.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chops; well done.

What issue is that Zoo York add in? I'm not sure how I missed seeing it.

ND said...

Dont forget about the Gino line in Chocolate Tour... the best background props ever!!!

22 seconds on


K said...

lil known fact: peter bici is now a firefighter in nyc. love that pic of him, was looking for it for ages.

Anonymous said...

that's a well-known fact.

missing the compulsery dill f/s crook twin towers shot.

Anonymous said...

that puleo bs ollie flick is so amazing!

Keith said...

good post Eric.

Puleo bs ollie is a great shot.

Somehow my NYC vacation ended up getting booked last week and ended up being in the city for the anniversary. Can't believe it's been 10 years.

TWS article is pretty crazy.

Keith said...

and that G-turn is amazing.