chrome ball incident #686: big blue marble

The first vert skater I ever posted and the only vert skater I've ever interviewed. Utmost respect.

Ya know... for all that people like to point out the negative, its definitely a pretty rad time for skateboarding when contests can look like this, someone releases a part like this, and that something like this can even exist.

Just sayin...

It's not all gloom and doom. Turn that frown upside down, kids.

Big ups to Justin, Dan Watson and Allen Ying.

P.S. Please bear with me in the month of September.


Skately said...

Been a hero of mine for 25 years now. The very definition of style.

Anonymous said...

The best ever.

Upland with the blue Airwalks is sweet!

justin said...

Miller is the best.

Rob Roskopp interview!

Keith said...

That last Power Edge pic looks amazing. Such a great stylish skater.

It's funny... I was watching that vbs contest carnage series and they talk about Miller peaking later than other dudes like Hosoi, Lance, Cab, Hawk etc. Now he makes crap loads of dough in the Masters Division. Those bowls look so gnarly to skate. And the young bucks skate that shit with no pads, which imo, is nuts.

That 43 thing looks awesome. I wonder when the launch is. I'd love to get my hands on a copy when I'm in NYC.

NotZenYet said...

I had those red/white/black Airwalks! Oh the shame.
Miller was/is always one of my fav vert guys. 38 years old and I skate bowls w/ no pads.....the little 3ft ones for the kiddies at crappy skateparks.

Remington Foxworthy said...

When I was young I was lucky enough to see Chris skate vert in person at Ratz skatepark in Maine. Watching gave me a real appreciation for vert skating, style and trick selection.