darling status #632: jerry + ron

"You can occasionally catch me sucking my thumb." - J. Dubs

special thanks to Mike Chrystie, Brink and the 'tap.


welch said...

super nice dude.

Sean said...

one of the best bump skaters ever. That f/s flip! It's so hard to boost like that with nothing to clear.

Adams Selymes said...

Wow! Jeron Wilson! Man, how could it be Goldfish without his opening part?

dan77 said...

Gonna go on record to say that Jeron has one of the nicest switch tre's of all time

Keith said...

awesome! I remember when he was on Real... I'd hear about him and that he was gonna be the next big thing. Then he gets on Blind and had some sick footage in Virtual Reality. I was surprised he was am for Girl for so long.

sw 360 flip is super!

fs big spin sequence is great. Look at that catch and rotation. Almost like a fs shove late 180.

I don't think I've ever seen that interview. BB? what year? Taking a punch for Koston LOL Young Lando LOL

Lucas said...

I met him at a bar here a few years ago. I was really drunk, and my friend was like, "Shit--that's Jeron Wilson. Go say something nerdy to him."

So I crept over to him, looked him in the eye and said, "Didn't you get on Blind at a Powell contest in 1992?"

He paused for a second and said, "I actually did. I'm Jeron."

Jereme Rogers was there. I wish I'd have said, "Cool. Who's your friend?"

Instead, I introduced myself and we spoke for a while. Super nice guy.

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