chrome ball incident #489: rollin' dirty

"hep c? ...doubt it."

figured I'd take it easy tonight with a little Wu-Welsh steez.

one of those dudes I find myself constantly rooting for. slept-on for days.

completely forgot about this interview he did with Sal for Thrasher back in '02.

nollie frontnose down HH... wowsers!

thanks everybody.

and if you haven't checked these out, do so: gino vs... a visual sound.

big up to ray and seb.


Anonymous said...

So sick. Forgot all about that interview. Always got time fror Wu-Welsh and Joey Pepper.

Anonymous said...

Never saw that kick flip at the pier. So fucking sick. his skating translates so well into photos. The whole aesthetics team had that quality. Thanks for posting.


shinebox said...

Amazing! One of the best styles ever. Thanks Chops!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm rooting for this guy too! (and Gino as well or course).

Used to see Welsh skating flat back at Pier 7 when he was on elwood. He is so good and one of those guys that you sit down and watch. Great snap and crazy control. I remember being in awe of his varial heels, maybe they were switch, I don't know, but he was toying with the board, honestly it looked like he was joking and could do all this stuff in his sleep. Those guys who owned the Pier then were on some next level shit. John Igei as well, he's a blast to watch, really smooth. Those were really good days for skateboarding.
In closing Welsh is one of those guys who has reached pinnacle status and I just want to see more.

Keith said...

The flick of the kf over the bar is too good.

SLB running the interview... amazing!

Nollie fs nose on HH rules! fs nose in genderal is pretty standard for me but nollie-ing into it... forget about it. My straight nollies are the worst!

Keith said...

genderal? lol

Coals to Newcastle said...

I like his part in Free Your Mind. "How ya doing? F-ckin'... uh... Transworld!"

Anonymous said...

slept on for days? really?

chops said...

"slept on for days? really?"

i think so... for as good as dude really is, i think people sleep on him for sure. rob's one of the best and has been holding it down for a long time.

Watson said...

I fuckin love Welsh. And yes, so underrated.
Cab back noseblunt 270?
So sick.

It's too bad you only post magazine scans, because any good Welsh post is incomplete without this picture.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was underrated in the planes of Canada, or wherever it is you are from Watson, but dude was pretty big for a minute and was consistently getting coverage.

Saying he was slept on for days and extremely underrated seems more hyperbolic than nostalgic.

Having Sal choose him to be on his squad, being one of the main dudes on Lakai early on, having consistent coverage in videos and mags doesn't equate to "slept on for days" or "underrated." It seems like sometimes you guys are determined to champion an underdog status that simply did not exist.

Anonymous said...

Going to agree with Dan and Chops on this one.

"pretty big for a minute"
Not bad for almost 15 years of killing it!

It was dope to see Rob on Lakai but I don't see Santa Cruz in that same elite light.

Sal chose Igei, KT and Joey Pepper too. I hope you don't mind that I think they are also underrated. It just shows Sal has good taste

Why do you care? Are Rob's publicist?

chops said...

Thanks for the comment, Dan. That photo never gets old. Love it. Have fun on your trip out to LA.

Rob Welsh's publicist: sorry dude. Don't quite know what else to say other than I'm not going to debate a matter of opinion... and that I maybe would've had a meatier retort had the guy that commented in front of me not stolen all my thunder (thanks to that guy, by the way.)

Knock yourself out.

Anonymous said...

I guess to the revisionistas and cats that were never in touch the first time around, being one of the biggest names in SF and the face of Pier 7 equates to "extremely underrated" and "slept on for days." In reality having that amount of coverage and respect from people in the game that matter translates to more than underdog status.

Maybe you would have a meatier retort if there was something already written in a magazine ten years ago for you to cut and paste on the matter, but that's the problem when your content lacks context.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a kook. "One of the biggest names in SF and the face of Pier 7"... you could say the same thing about Karl Watson or Marcus McBride and both are considered underrated as well.

I think Choppers and Watson have a psychotic fan.

austin said...

Santa Cruz hasn't been elite since 1988. Rob's switch 360 flip over the little banks wall one-upped the world.

Anonymous said...

Hate to join in but can't help it.

Welsh has always been one of my favorites and although he is big in SF, outside the city is a different story. I moved in 2002 and I haven't seen a Welsh board since. He really doesn't get as much coverage as you think he does. I've talked to kids who barely know who he is.

And how come no sig shoe? His one colorway was dope.