chrome ball incident #474: time and love

"The feeling is not when you're in the air, the feeling is landing it and coming up on the other side."

My first favorite skater. One of the best to ever do it.


This is gonna be terrific.

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Brandon Oelling said...

Such an AMAZING post. Stevie Cab ruled my world in the 80's and today he still rips!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


Old School Sammy said...

All Time!!!

I had his "Action Now" Caballerial spread in my locker in high school--to put that in perspective, I am 45, same as Cab---Damn...lol.

Keith said...

720 arcade game! The best skateshop in my town in 1989 had it!

Cab was one of my first favourites as well. The first skate mag I ever owned was a TWS with a Cab interview.

cooper said...

"when i skate i put my skate shoes on."

Andy said...

Wonder if you'd ever see someone riding a board as worn out as that last Indy ad nowadays. I mean, it's his own pro model so I presume he had a few ready to be set up. Not sure why, but that pic made me smile on those times...

Dj said...

Cab has been a ruler since day one! His spine ramp section on Ban This was fucking EPIC! I can't wait to see how he does this weekend at the ProTec Pool Party at the redone Combi! Much respect for Steve!

Aullidos del viento said...

nice photos, cab rippin!

mb said...

Cool post as usual Chops, but when I clicked on the link it goes to the Keefe bros FTC section, which is nice, but it ain't Cab. Personal fave was the slo - mo section in Ban This, even though McGill is lurking.

chops said...

good lookin' out, mb.

i'll have to fix it when I get home in a few hours... but for now imagine the 'pool cleaning' segment from future primitive.

sorry guys.

Coals to Newcastle said...

When I watched Future Primitive at my friend's house in elementary school, that's one of the things that stood out for me- Cab's smith grind to hang-from-the-slide.

Skate Nazi said...

When we're skating I put my skatin' shoes on..."

Great post Chops, I must concur, also my first favorite skater.

When I first started skating this dude was as close to all-around champ status as one could get.
Talk about destroying every type of possible terrain.

I've been around and skated with countless pros over the years but this dude is one of the few that still inspires straight up FAN OUT status 'til this day.

Karoumy said...

Steve Caballero has a blog:


Antman said...

Awesome post! Cab rules!

JRog said...

Great post!! Shit all of em are...Todd C. was a rad one too.

mikebythesun said...

Cab is a role model for sure. Much respect to the example he sets as skater, an ambassador of skating, a father and a Christian. Much respect.

chops said...

Thanks guys.

Sammy, if memory serves, I think I had a Hensley A-1 Meats ad in my locker in 7th grade. I'm 32.

Keith, I love 720... but i have always sucked at that game. Watch out for the bees!

Andy, I've been noticing a lot of Powell riders back in the day sportin some busted up boards. Way more than any other company at the time... which is weird considering how huge they were.

Loo, I dug his plaid shorts but i always wanted give that bleached spike cut a shot... glad i didn't. no way i could've pulled that off.

fixed, mb. thanks for the heads up.

skate nazi, i saw cab with lance in columbus ohio in '91. two legends and i was stoked, although at the time i was 14 and a little too cool. it was sick though. i think steve saiz was there too...

big up JRog.

Thanks guys!

dedleg said...

Great quote there at the end - obviously rolling away is the critical element in making that time in the air seem enjoyable, but it's nice to see that sentiment actually verbalized.

mb said...

Footplant off the roof beam at San Jose? warehouse, now that is a bonus.

JayCee said...

My first board was a red mini Cab with Indy's, Ratbones, and Gorilla RIbs.

Definitely my earliest hero on a board. He made some pretty good money off me, that's for sure. He deserved every penny.