chrome ball incident #464: prosthetic eye

always dug satva's skating... style was just so effortless.

his part in welcome to hell, with its various characters and funky showtunes, is always one I love rediscovering from time to time. it just makes skating look so fun.

regardless, that k grind on the ethan ledge(s) still destroys.

props to the crailtappers for the links.

stay tuned for tomorrow as i take a day off.


mooraga said...

there's a few thing I'll never understand about this dude, but the main one:
-who the hell on his right mind goes from toy machine to dynasty? he got kicked out what?

he still should be on the spotlight, way too much talent wasted

chops said...

yeah, i never really dug dynasty all that much either (never got why ponte went on there as well).

but don't forget (cause I did until doing this post) that satva before doing the dynasty thing, actually went from toy machine to MAPLE... which boggles the mind even more.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.
Always loved his part in wth.
His gear was always ahead of its time.
There is this pick i always loved of him doing a melon in a wind breaker. Its from a transworld from 97.

Anonymous said...

One more thing- That Am jam stoked me out when i was a kid. "My dad lives with grouch marx daughter" I used to buy slap at Kroger in '96.

- Adrian

Anonymous said...

I love that line in WTH where he does the front smith i believe and then a frontside flip into the street and the song goes perfectly at that moment, it kinda falls apart, good edit. Great trick selection in all his coverage.

Lucas said...

I was stoked on his part in Heavy Metal: "You see that shit? That shit was bad!"

I think he left Toy Machine for a company that would turn him pro--which happened to be Maple. And if I'm not mistaken, Maple gave him Dynasty, which Danny Supa almost rode for, too.

Coals to Newcastle said...

That line- and that trick- in Welcome to Hell stood out for me, too. It's a switch frontside flip.

You might say, "Whatever, it's just a switch frontside flip". But for me, sometimes a relatively common trick will stand out- Gino I's 360 flip in 20 Shot Sequence, Ryan Hickey's frontside flip in Eastern Exposure... SL's switch flip into the street was one of those.

Keith said...

Always liked Satva. He had good sw fs flips and nollie bs flips and all the 360 varieties as well.

Toy > Maple > Dynasty

I always try to root for the Asian skaters. There are a few that I dislike because of the way they skate, carry themselves and their attitude.

Anonymous said...

sw/fronside flip into the street was great, imperfection at its finest as evidence by the jazz push afterward yet still maintaining speed. Great line.

K said...

"Break your leg, break your leg I hope God makes you break your leg. Lousy punk."

Ugh welcome to hell. The singer from the band CokeBust borrowed my copy and never gave it back. This was 9 years ago.

Matt Wes said...

Thank you for posting this. Satva was always a favorite of that era for me... the Toy team at that time was so good with heavy hitters all around but i always take notice of the guys in the cut who have style... a lot of people don't notice style because you have to watch the skater and not count the stairs, but he has it.

Satva made a cameo in the RoughNeck video afew years back... along with Karma, who i thought stopped skating.

Sleezy Bone said...

Fuck yes! Proof of the fact that illusion flips can be a thing of elegance. That noseslide at the beginning of the article is pretty unbelievable. His perma-busted grill is rad, too... it's a very gnarly calling card indeed