chrome ball incident #436: on the waterfront

"hmmm... let me show you my style."

when this part dropped, i really thought this kid was gonna grow up to be the master of the fucking universe... crazy how dude's career ended up going down.

definitely good to see him out there again.

big up to ryan gee.


Anonymous said...

First time I've actually commented but will start off by saying that chops, u are running the sickest blog ever! It just keeps getting better!

Such a sick skater, shame he never really made it as big as he could have. Pier 7 lines just went on for days! His 20 shot sequence part seemed to be longer than all the other guys put together.

Rasputin said...

I don't think he's quite there yet, but I feel like Lavar's return to form is gonna happen now that he's slayed some of his cupcake demons.

Mário R said...

Lavar is ILL!

Poteznido said...

Sick post...Lavar is an all time personal favourite but I hadn't seen many of these photos (didn't even know he ever rode for Stereo). Grace on a skateboard.

K said...


Remember how ill Lavar's part in 20 Shot Sequence was? Skating to Redman and tearing up the World park?

I got this video around the time my friends started getting heavily into trees. Blaze-a-tronics and then go skate the high school, hit up 7-11 and then party.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one. I was always stoked on this dude.

Nice shout out to the Gino board--looks so ill all skated up with those AJ1 raps.

Keith said...

"He had a bloody headache, as the British would say"

LMFAO! Awesome quote. And dissing Jeff Klindt. I know he started off on Real, then Stereo, then off to Blind. Some sort of bad blood with the DLX crew? Real and Stereo, back then, seemed like stepping stone companies. They had so many good ams that eventually rode for Rocco.

That gravediggas gino board was the bomb. I rocked one of those back in the day and it was one of my favourites ever. Now that I think about it, I had the Gino Islanders board around the same time as well, which was just as amazing.

I'm not sure what happened with Lavar the past several years. He was on Affiliate and now on WE. Drugs? Alcohol? College? LOL

rob e beats said...

Yes! Liked the music he skated to.

dedleg said...

Lavar McBride is the shit - such a stylemaster. Also very psyched to see him on Western Edition... a team of slept on dudes really.

JRog said...

Yeah Chops! Churning em out lately...Lavar was the shit. One of my favorites from back then. I still watch the Trilogy part before skating the flat at the beach. Good shit!

Coals to Newcastle said...

I saw that too. "I'm not going to say no names like Jeff Klindt or nothing..."

It seems like back then, every company was a stepping stone for Rocco. A friend of mine once told me a story about Leigh Peterson- that Rocco gave him $1000 and was like, "Here, kid. Go play the stock market". If you're like, 17, it's probably hard to turn that down.

DLTDA said...

I remember being so stoked on that Deca ad. As a company they were pretty nondescript, but man, there's something amazing about that photo.

Anonymous said...

He's not on Western Edition anymore, now he's on TURF officially. I hope things continue to grow and climb for him. He's solid.
Love the end of that trilogy part when he just starts destroying Hubba Hideout for like 30 seconds of straight up bangers. Damn he's good!

matt said...

i like those "half-chucks" in the 1st photo. great site. lavars one of my favorites, you probably have 1 more post for him down the line. if you do another creager post, please include that 97-98 eS ad where he SW FS shove-its a doubleset- the one gino sw varial heeled. thanks

chops said...

Thanks Anon1, means a lot.

Very true, Rasputin.

How you been, K? You check out any of those Devo shows at the 9:30 a few months ago?

Keith, i ran 101 boards for a good while (Rob E Beats will attest) but for whatever reason, I've never had a gino board until actually right now. F&F, folks.

What's up Mr. Beats. Send me your address again cause I suck and lost it. This will also let me know how much you check the comments page, sucka.

Dedleg, anon2 is correct. Announced just a little bit ago (I honestly didn't know turf was doing their thing but i'm glad they are). But yeah, WE is super good. John Igei and Ian Johnson (and the rest of those dudes actually). Forget it.

JRog, what's good? How's things?

Welcome back, Coals. Good to see you homie.

DLTDA, that Deca ad was a late inclusion but glad i did it.

thanks everyone.

Wolffish said...

Great post chops. This guy Lavar had some of the best tricks over that library gap.

Anonymous said...

great post.

Lavar's kit in the first photo is so sick.

white tee, cut-off dickies, chucks...timeless flick.

Frank said...

Really sick post, I always liked his pier 7 lines in the ftc 3 video a lot too.

Here is some Turf lavar footage


Tim said...

i like front nose pics like that one where the back foot is on there all sideways . as classic as a back tail or back smith photo imo.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Chops. Your work is always intriguiging, my home boy.