chrome ball incident #428: kill me

"julien just is what you see. straight real." -john cardiel

a little larry for the return... on a negative trip.

special request tomorrow. good to be back.

p.s. olympic snowboarding kooks scare the shit out of me.


Anonymous said...

You really know how to pull on the heart strings of your audience...


It was pretty fun sitting there with my dad watching the snowboarding on the olympics in silence with one of us making a remark like "look at that cocky bastard" every so often. His manager hyping him up and stuff was super creepy. Just Despicable

disco boy said...

as noticed on another website: "snowboarding is skateboarding's red-headed stepchild".

thanks much for the JS. i love that "high voltage" photo. you can feel the speed.

Cheaps said...

Corporate kook in a pink suit?????!!!! Damn Gino was right about how skating was better in the 90's. Still love skating, just don't like the extreme corporate sports takeover thingy-ma-jig. Julien is straight up real - great post again.
Please more Gino from 90's.

smorales said...

just got sick boys on vhs on ebay, stoked.
I'm pretty glad I've avoided the whole Olympics thing with not having t.v. or newspaper. I did catch some women's curling at a friend's house though, it got me pumped to go skate.

Keith said...

The fs flip Real ad with the striped Salman board... Simple shoes?

That right hand in the fs nose grind pic... looks like a backhand smack.

Not sure what's going on in that pic with the people on the bench. Powerslide?

I watched some of the snowboarding halfpipe on the web. They are kooky but spinning that high and out is pretty bananas. I respect the "amplitude" LOL. Then there's this clown and some slutty Asian chick.

justin said...

Julien is always good. I hadn't seen a couple of those pics before.

Thanks for the shout out the other day. That was a great collection of Jeff Phillips ads. The interview was cool, too.

I can't get into snowboarding at all. I'm not big on the Olympics really. I have been watching the curling and reading about the biathlon in the paper. Those two sports feel kind of like skateboarding in a way.

Anonymous said...

J. Stranger! when I saw that beauty and the beast epicly later'd and it showed him pushing super fast trucks wobbling like crazy but yet so controlled to do that bank to front lip, all I could think was how rad he is to watch, a true original who's never strayed from low-pro skateboarding.

Giles said...

anyone have a copy of this around to scan: http://www.colormagazine.ca/magazine/article/373/julien-stranger

looks great, but i can't read his answers.

dedleg said...

What a return - Julien was a great way to start off the week. Can't think of a much starker contrast between how skateboarding still has its pure core as opposed to what snowboarding has become than putting a link to Shaun White dressed in a goon suit in a post about Julien Stranger.

smorales said...

Fuck, I'm with Giles. Looks like a good read.

I'm pretty sure he won a poll to get the next top 5s on crailtap a month or two back. Wonder if that will ever show up.

chops said...

Thanks guys. I usually like the lead in with a personal favorite of mine after taking one a week off... and I also like the contrast of Julien with all the recent Shaun White hype.

and yes, disco. pilot light is an absolutely amazing writer.

cheaps, i guarantee you that every single photo I have of gino will be scanned and posted before I bid you adieu. but there's only so much coverage of the man so I do have to space it out a bit. unfortunately.
(same holds true for julien and a select handful of others)

enjoy that smorales. at that MOMA skate video thing a few months back, Micke suddenly appearing on the big screen on some classic sick boys steez probably got me the most geeked out of everything in the montages... but how come you didn't go with the dvd?

and speaking of the winter games, how you holding up, keith? those are simples and that is a powerslide.

thanks guys. and yes, i too would love to see a decent scan of that color article.

smorales said...

I go through ebay binges. I have a dvd player but it doesn't work on my tv I love that has a built in VHS player. It was only $7 including shipping. I am an amateur video collector and prefer the look of the actual VHS especially for older videos like that, to the DVD scans. VHS FOREVER!

Keith said...

powerslide... nice! And I bet with those 95a OJ's, they were barking loud. Julien Stranger has the best loose truck style ever.

First few days of the Olympics were kinda cool. Lots of Canadian pride and all. It's starting to drag on now and can't wait for it to end. My dogs hate the crowds and the noise. One of them rolled in some douchebags vomit. Super lame.

The weather's been amazing though. Played 18 holes 4 out of the past 5 weekends. Got out skating at the Plaza on sunday, although I had to take a detour because of the street closures.


Skater Dave said...

Coco has mad flavor! Sum tasty pics!
Snowboarding IS gnarl.
Justin, how is curling and biathlon like skateboarding?
I'd say curling is team bowling on ice(Women's curling rocks), and the biathlon is straight out of a James Bond movie.
Skateboarding is more like golf.
Both have specially designed equipment and spaces complete with obstacles.
Both are best enjoyed with friends.
Both competitive and are about personal bests.
Both have contests/tournaments.
People sometimes throw their skate/club when they miss their trick/shot. The only difference is you can take a mulligan in golf, but in skateboarding you slam.
Love the site, keep it fresh.