chrome ball incident #421: riders on the storm

Q: "How many interviews have asked about the double-kink 50-50?"
A: "All of them."

The man who sucker punched the world.

Love that Thrasher cover.


ciaran said...

I've never understood why the quality shoe companies have always overlooked him, leaving him to take what he can from Recs, Fuze and lately Macbeth. Always seemed to me that Duffy wore DCs for the periods inbetween, bizarre given the Plan B & Way/McKay connection that he was never properly welcomed to the fold.

K said...

Pat Duffy's part in "Questionable" is probably one of the greatest debuts in skateboarding history.The skateboarding equivalent of a classic "track one/side one."

You know another cat who had an ILL first part - Mike Maldonado in Welcome to Hell. Didn't that part make you just wanna go out and skaaaaaaaaate.

@ciaran - Good point on Duffy's lack of a decent shoe sponsor. He was doing ok for a while, e.g. when he was on Duffs?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, weird, he seems like a natural fit for DC.
Never saw that Think ad before, really sick.

Keith said...

I like his shirt in the bs nb on the ramp. Gonz art?

The scratch off lottery graphic was awesome. Great gimmick.

Anonymous said...

Never a more shocking part, and one that could come out today and kids would be stoked.

Thanks for including that Thrasher cover -- one of their best.

Anonymous said...

The second photo from the top, the long boardslide...bail or make??

Anonymous said...

MIke Maldonado, YES. HELL YES. A top ten part for sure. Welcome to hell part was the best. The way it was edited and everything, the whole video is legendary.

chops said...

very true, ciaran. i was thinking the same thing when comparing the bs tail think ad with that bs noseblunt shot...

k, love the track one/side one comparison. Maldonado's Welcome to Hell part is straight classic. Hensley's montage in Shackle Me Not, the Rubber Boys in Public Domain, of course Guy in Video Days also come to mind... love it.

Keith, I believe that is Mat O'brien if memory serves. Classic shit though.

Lucien, totally agree. Something like this could never happen today... I've checked it out and Duffy had exactly two photos published before Questionable came out.
When I first saw his name listed in an ad for the video, i thought it was a joke referencing that dude from Dallas. haha

anon2, as much as I'd love to say it was a make, I doubt it. I believe Gonz was at that session as well.

Keith said...

chops said...

"Hensley's montage in Shackle Me Not, the Rubber Boys in Public Domain, of course Guy in Video Days also come to mind... love it."

Totally agree with the above, although Guy's intro to the world was Ban This. Everyone knew he was gonna be awesome years before Video Days.

The closest thing to a crazy first part from a relative unknown post Questionable would be PJ, imho. I don't think it really has happened very much since Duffy.

chops said...

right keith. sorry, I was just referring to banging first parts in videos, not really first-first parts of the skater. although the rest of those i mentioned were first-first clips. whoops!

and for the sake of accuracy, welcome to hell isn't maldonado's first part either. dude wore some huge pants and did a nollie front foot double flip in his small part in h-street's lick.