chrome ball incident #325: mafioso

"music is a world within itself..."

been looking for a reason to post this since my girl threw down this super good howell-inspired portrait of myself about a month ago... (blushes)

thankfully slap came through today with an incredible andy portfolio.

this is easily one of my top 5 favorite interviews of all-time. excellent flicks, amazing layout, and an interesting (and interested) subject.

plus i've always had a soft-spot for 360 late-shuvs. word to e.ricks.

and those airwalk genesis enigma joints: classic.

i always loved andy howell because everything he put out had so much of him in it. art direction, graphics, music, editing... not to mention his actual skating. dude never half-stepped.

(why no 1281 out there?)

a true renaissance cat... almost too ahead of the game for his own good. should totally be a millionaire right now.

pick up his book "art, skateboarding and life". highly recommended.


Royce said...

Speak it Chops. 1up.

Skate Nazi said...

I still have 1281 on VHS, but someone should make a New Deal box set on DVD, that would sell for sure.

Anonymous said...

They don't make 'em like that anymore. I grew up in Georgia during the Howell-in-Atlanta era, and that guy was a legend.

iSapien 1956672 said...

Thanks for this post, I always loved his parts, you're right, I've said it too. He was totally ahead of his time and the curve his parts from like 1989/90 are amazing to watch still.

A Stone said...

Super funny story. When "The New Deal" was just getting started I was trying to get sponsored by them with Chris Hall and Pep. We were all at an NSA contest in Pennsylvania and had just gotten second in street. When I took my last run I had to borrow a helmet from Sterling Ruby. After the final run Andy came up to me and we started talking... I saw his eyes keep shifting up to the helmet and he finally asked "what's up with that?" I took the helmet off to find an Andy Howell sticker with "DICK" carved into the hat. That first impression was only outdone by the second one... Pep, Pupecki, Bill Pepper and I all got together to discuss the new 'Element' with Johnny Schillereff and Andy at Johnny's house in Cali and the first night we went out and played some pool. I asked Andy if I could drive his car home (it was a pretty sick Accord). When we got back to the house I got out and looked down to see that I had sat in gum at the pool hall and got that shit stuck to his leather seat. Took like an hour to get all of it cleaned up... Great second impression, huh!

Stephen said...

^^hahaha... too funny. forgot about sterling ruby. saw that dude at a skate camp in line lexington PA back in 88'. he ripped. btw, ever find out what was up with the 'dick' sticker?

Keith said...

Andy Howell was way ahead of the curve. He was the first pro I ever saw at a demo in Ottawa. Jody Morris had set up a New Deal demo around the time they first switched from Schmitt Stix and it was only 2 skaters; Howell and Schileriff. No idea how Schileriff, who went from AM to mananger/boss, is probably rolling in dough while Andy Howell is, well, probably not.

I don't think they will ever make the New Deal videos on DVD seeing as they are out of business and their distributor (Giant) as well. This place though... some dude in Europe has transferred all these old classic skate videos onto dvds.

Psyched on the chops portrait by peel. Butchers knife on the spine of a magazine. Nuts!

LOL at Andy Stone's story.

E.RICKS said...

I was at the N.S.A Carson veladrome contest back in 87-88 ish..When this guy entered with no sponsors nothing..He paid his own way in to the contest..At that time it was unheard of to do such a thing..I remeber thinking is that legal??? Can he do that??lol..Any howell(all pun intended)he continued to spank evey street skater there...I think he ended up like 8th or something..I thought he probally deserved 1st but as an unknown what did you expect??lol..Talk about do it your self...

Stole his blunt to shuvits on a mini..Thanks Andy..lol..

360 late shuvs,im going to try a few today just for you chops..lol...

K said...

Does anyone remember watching the Sophisto "Freedom" video? I think I traded someone some old World Industries stickers/bolts for a copy. The music was dope, and the general look of it was v. artsy. Sorta like a more street version of "Memory Screen."

chops said...

thanks fellas.

what's up royce!

you guys may want to pick up that andy howell book, it comes with 2 dvds that happen to have useless wooden toys and 1821... not to mention element's fine artists all on there. super good.

awesome stories, stoner. hilarious.

i figured you still have those 360 late shuvs on lock, ricks.

k, i missed that one back in the day but i always wanted to see it... sophisto's distribution was pretty lousy.