chrome ball incident #318: hickory dickory

Q: "what are you gonna be when you grow up?"
A: "a professional wrestler."

east coast legend with an incredible taste in teams (101, howell-era element, capital) and an unorthodox flare for video part songs (dice, motorhead).

all-around nice dude, andy stone.

big up to the hundreds.


tp said...

I picked up his AS-DC Element deck way back when Stevie was on the team and would sell his packages for weed money every month. Good memories. That Element team was so sick back then. Did you do a Pepe post yet, I cannot remember all 318 at these point.

Always a fan of Andy. Agreed, some really good sponsor choices. All the cool companies at the time.

E.RICKS said...

I got a chance to skate with him in D.C. and when he came out to Cali to shoot some photos..
Super cool dude..

First person i ever saw 3 flip the chain across the street from Torrance high...

Anonymous said...

One of my favs. Great post!

Keith said...

yeah! Andy Stone!

I remember when Falling Down came out, I had no idea who he was. As far as I knew, dude came out of nowhere. So good though. I think the first time I ever saw him was in BB, some video grab sequence.

Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to have been friends with Stoner and Pepe and Chris Hall. They were so fun to sk8 with and hang with, and so good. It seemed like every time we'd sk8, these guys were inventing something new. Pepe was the first I ever saw do kickflip to late shovit, and switch b-side kickflip tailslides. Stoner was the first I ever saw do a hardflip and f-side flips, and before Reese Forbes hit the scene, had some of THE highest ollies I'd seen in person.

Some of the best times were just sk8ing underground parking garages in the dead of winter at 3am. Nothing but pure love for sk8ing. And those guys were always hooking their friends up with product. Rarely did I ever see these guys ask for money for product from any of their friends.

I am stoked to know this site is around, and all these sk8ers at least have some record of their glory for the next generation to see. good job, and thanks.

Tony Hawk said...

Does anybody remember the 411 commercial when he did a huge nose manny at Pulaski to a Beavis and Butthead spoof? That was dope. They called him Andy Stoner...heh hehh eh eh...stoner