chrome ball incident #309: the boss (medley)

still can't believe that little kid from florida with the buzzed head grew up to be such a monster.

no audio found on any of Andrew's Baker 2g clips that are posted online. bummer.

on a personal note: when baker ushered in that crazy tight pants-era a few years back, I was left behind scratching my head completely dumbfounded. I absolutely couldn't believe kids were rockin' those...

and that's when I knew that I was officially old.

evidently XXXL was somehow ok to me at one point but XXXS equals complete insanity.

r.i.p. taco loco (my favorite taqueria shut down today... almost feels like I lost a family member)


smorales said...

I think everyone my age can say that Reynolds was there favorite skater at some point. He's not my favorite to watch these days but you just can't deny anything he does.
The fact that he could put out an "extra" part like that emerica one is unbelievable. Looking forward to what he's got for the next one.

tp said...

that tights pant era got a bit out of control. pre-baggy style, i had no problem rocking neon shorts. it really hit me when i was at a skatepark and some young one had on skinny blue jeans and a white t. i was wearing an acceptably baggy pair of blue jean and a white tall-t. while we were waiting in line to hit the box, someone commented on how two people wearing the same exact clothes could have two completely different styles.

SKEEM said...

I feel you on every word of your text about Reynolds and the fashion facts.

Anonymous said...

he put the "B" in the "BOSS," he put the "B" in tha BOSSSS"

Keith said...



The Boss is one of the best nicknames in skateboarding.

Holy crap he was little in those old Birdhouse, Union and Tracker videos. For me, those were fast forwarded parts for sure LOL. I was really surprised how good he was when The End came out and then he just blew up.

Similar to E, I also never ran skinny jeans while skating... I also never ran tall tees. But then again, I'm old as shit.

Anonymous said...

Definitely my favorite during the late birdhouse early baker era. Kind of weird to see the changes and how he ended up.

Gary D. said...

I am unable to fathom why someone not interested in skateboarding is even on this blog at all. It's like me going to a Newt Gingrich site and mocking republicans. Seriously, no one gives a shit.

chops said...

ok, I had to step in here and delete a few wayward comments from a rollerblading kentucky juggalo (no lie) and an anonymous poster with a skin-tight shirt that evidently took offense to... something.

and in fairness to shaggy2dope and mr. tight shirt, I am going to also delete the not-funny-at-all comment that said:

"Don't know why Mr Pants Police here is getting so defensive about wearing his little sister's jeans when nothing negative was said about him doing so. One would think that someone who follows such a bold trend wouldn't be so easily shaken in his or her fashion choices."

I never realized that pant size was such a touchy subject but to all those that feel dissed somehow by something (not sure what) that was written... I was just using clothing to comment on age and generation gaps. Nobody really gives a fuck about your pants.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna be honest. I too thought the tight pants trend was for kooks. I liked to wear my jeans reasonably baggy, I just always thought that looked good.

But about a month ago, I was bored waiting for my girlfriend in the mall, and I decided to try on a pair of super skinny jeans for laughs. And what killed me was that it didn't look that bad. I still haven't given in and bought a pair. One thing I will say though, aesthetics aside, is that they pinch your fucking nuts and I can't really imagine skating in them.

ekayallday said...

baker 2g with full music. bad quality sorta but i think it's the best anyone will do online.


Anonymous said...

He is just the best in the whole world at jumping down massive gaps and set of stairs with his skateboard.He is not the best on ledges,he is not the best with manuals...he just really knows how to jump down stuff.And that's what I like to see.His catch is amazin,is so high.He is on the list of 10 best skateboarders off all time.No doubt.