chrome ball incident #308: attrocity exhibition

"I'm as far away from the skateboard industry as I can possibly be. I don't want to have shit to do with it." -Marc Johnson.

Impromptu Chocolate Week comes to a close with the mighty MJ. Pure magic.

Couldn't decide between random joints or the interview so I went with both. You win.

I wish I could heelflip trashcans while wearing an afro wig and sunglasses... I can just barely skate in shorts.


Anonymous said...

chocolate always was and always will be (at least in my mind) the shit. way to wrap up a great week... will the chocolate saga continue?

Anonymous said...

sickest interview in a while.
it's ironic marc says you can't affect anyone's life, but right there in the interview is proof ray barbee had a big effect on him to mellow him out.
Good shit

peel said...

I was actually going to ask you for an MJ post last night. You read my mind.

David said...


justin said...

Crap. I was all set to use the Maple ad with the switch 180 into the bank today. I have no idea what I'm doing now since I didn't do my homework on Joe Pino yet. Oh, well.

Great post. His part in Yeah Right is one of my favorites.

Keith said...

MJ had some super sick footage in Maple commercials in the early 411's.

In one of the first Thrasher videos, he did a bs nollie flip backward nose grind. So sick!

Old School Sammy said...

I picked "Yeah Right" up at Best buy for $11.99 like a month and a half after it came out---a most lucky and righteous purchase to be sure!

platinumseagulls said...

If I remember right, the nollie backside flip fakie nosegrind was a trick tip. MJ is an insane genius for sure.

Cheaps said...

Top post again. Got to see this guy rip it up in the U.K. with the whole A-Team - he had it locked down for sure.

chops said...

thanks everybody.

sorry justin. if it makes you feel any better, you totally stung me with Keenan's blind ad earlier this week. Plus I like that Huf/Alvarez joint you went with. Keep up the good work.

I've actually thought of a Pino post before but I don't know anything about him. He definitely had some good flicks back then. Same thing with James Riff... that dude had some incredible shit. Whatever happened to those guys? (the timeless question)

I think I got my Yeah Right at a chain store as well, Sammy... which kinda sucks cause the music is different.

Cheaps, is he as mad consistent as he appears to be?

K said...

Hard Hitting Qusetion:

At the end of his profile (skating to Stereolab's "Ping Pong") in issue #20, Marc rambles about people looking for him. "I know where to find me, they don't know where to find me, but I know where to find me!"

What the hell is he going on about?