chrome ball incident #288: so-called friends

always with the buttery slick style and an ill soundtrack, tony ferguson could backside flip into anything.


OaklandPete said...

While Ferguson might have smooth style, he has just never been an exciting skater. I was pretty surprised when he was the new am for Plan B back in Virtual Reality. I figured that team would just bust out someone gnarly to match Colin McCay as the new am and there he was. I always figured he was a friend of Rick Howard or something. To this day his parts are still getting fast-forwarded. Sorry, Tony.

Lucas said...

My friend told me that in Ottawa, during the mid-'90s, you got clowned if you skated anything but World or Girl boards. So, yeah, Ottawa is cool.

Anonymous said...


damn that kf bsts wheelie 360 caught me by surprize!

Paul said...

I still like his Goldfish part.It has got this absolutely 90's flare.
And the Group Home song is a real classic too.

Talking about 90's flare and stuff...you should check out the new sk8mafia am video. I don't know how to describe it best.Maybe like a 90's vibe combined with todays skateboarding skills.
It's for free.


lp said...

That bs Crook is dope! Boring? I dont know about that, bs flip fakie 5-0 bank to bench in Chocolate Tour was sick.He had a solid flick and a solid posture on his board. Mouse,Goldfish,Choco tour even Yeah Right he had some rad video parts. Cant hate at all. Nice photos.

SKEEM said...

hey thanks 4 the post today.

i´ve always liked this dude style, real smooth back in the day.

i wonder where he is now.

Keith said...

Tony was the first skater out of Ottawa to "make it" in skateboarding. Several of my friends went to high school with him so I got to see him quite a bit back in the 80's/early 90's.

He's always been a stylish good skater.

These days, he's running the show at the Alife store in Van. Haven't seen him in a long time though.