chrome ball incident #260: like a constipated monkey

O.G. East Coast head who's legendary status truly doesn't get acknowledged nearly as much as it should. Fuck a 2-Year contract. The kids need to know.

By the way, anyone ever seen this?

Big up to Sissi.


SPRNTRL said...

Good looking out on this one for sure. Just watched mixtape last night, dude was too good.

Anonymous said...

I thought James Frazier would have been long gone by the time that video came out. That's like seeing Jim Gingery and Jamie Thomas in the same video.

Keith said...

That's weird. I was just watching his Mix Tape part today as well. The trick in the sequence in that ghettoblaster ad. That's about as illusion as it gets. Looks kind of good, in a late 90's kinda way.

dude definitely had a great fs flip. Up there with Ryan Hickey.

Doesn't Gangemi own a board pressing wood shop now? I thought I read that somewhere.

JRog said...

Crazy. I never saw that 3D ad. Frazier was the shit. He used to re-drill his Hensley boards to have 6.5" noses. Ternansky et al. used to laugh at him.

Gangemi's 50 up the rail was so sick. Loved those EST vids...

Keith said...

That 3D video. Kind of a weird line up. East coast and west coast? What year is that ad from?

Is Ben Erpeling the Ben who shared the video part with Jason Rogers in Lick? I just watched that part again for the first time in years. I'll just say I enjoyed Next Generation more and leave it at that.