chrome ball incident #220: 9th wonder

went with some classic element-era pepe today along with his skateboarder interview from '01.

stone's botched slap article is classic... i wonder if they were ever able to recover what was on that tape.


(big up to quartersnacks for the videos)


Royce59 said...

Had that Pink Panther Element Pepe board.

Keith said...

I had Pepe's first pro model with the gargoyle-ish graphic. Top 5 best styles of all time and one of the best switch bs flips.

rd3308 said...

Can't say enough about Pepe. He influenced my drive to go out and skate street more than most. Fluid, impeccable style, and easeless, natural talent. Pep is in a class of his own, never seen it replicated.

K said...

RIP Pepe!

Quinn Davis said...

Uber style.

How'd this kid die? I had heard heart _____. Never got clarification. Odd when the elite go down.