chrome ball incident #44: tumbling dice

the coolest dude from Rhode Island since... uhh... ever.

The top joint is from when Menace got on some ol' suave shit... after they outgrew all the gang signs, titties and Wu-Tang steez they had in their ads beforehand.

And the bottom is from back when Slap came in that huge-ass format (which really sucked to scan) as well as before Pecks started rockin his trademark backwards-tilted hat. I didn't know my man could go that big, especially with a non-switch-hardflip-type manuever, but all the proof is right there.

Although I honestly never really cared for that company back then, Fun had a sick little team. Huf, Keenan and Pupecki, amongst others... that's some serious shit right there.

And this is probably the best thing 411 ever did.

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