unreleased Andy Stone footage - 1994/95

"A part with that long of lines is pretty difficult to have in a full video, especially back then. And I had so much of that stuff. I just loved doing it. I’m sure there’s still footage of me doing lines up, back and around Pulaski that has never come out."

In celebration of Chrome Ball Interview #99 with Andy Stone, here are three minutes of unreleased Andy footage from the golden age of Pulaski Park. Enjoy.

Filmer: Andrew Foote. Edit: Keir Johnson. Big up to both. 


Anonymous said...

#99: andy stone
#98: ocean howell
#97: sal barbier
#96: alphonzo rawls
#95: jason adams

When I see that five-name list, I am in awe.
After all the years, CBI still upping the ante.
#100: ???!!!

Maurice said...

The backside 360 over the trash can was sick.

Anonymous said...

His front leg/foot in his tre's reek with style! Nobody elses look like that.

peppesk8 said...

that bs 360 ! and the 360 flips