chrome ball incident #881: average young man

Have to say that doing these interviews and being able to interact with so many of the people I held in such high regard growing up can often be a letdown... but Justin Girard remains just as rad as I always thought he'd be.

Pre-Mad Circle TWS Interview from '92 alongside some personal jewels from Justin's own collection. Couldn't squeeze all of these in his interview at the time and am glad to finally have these seeing the light of day.

Alright Chrome Ballers, I apologize but I'm going to have to cut an already short week even shorter. Have an interview scheduled for tomorrow that you're going to want to see later on when its done.

In my absence, check out Nieratko's site as he has begun posting his illustrious body of work for future generations.

And big up to Mr. Jed Anderson. I don't always get stoked on snowboarding... but when I do, it's usually that dude.



Anonymous said...

The fs 360 wallride looks amazing

Royce said...

Justin is a good guy.

Frank said...

Reason #10,995 why I love this blog. Remember the good ol' days when a relatively low noseslide would get a full spread in TWS?

D Crilly said...

Brilliant post! Yeah Frank I do remember those days, love doin' noseslides. My second board was the Justin Gerard New Deal with the street scene graphic, an Andy Howell graphic I think. Anyway off to do some noseslides!

Wilhelm Scream said...

My favorite question in the interview: "Do you think people can gain supernatural powers?"

Keith said...

I don't think I really remembered him riding for Circle A.

I like how all those ads from that era where companies would put the NSA am results in them.