chrome ball incident #879: the killing season

"Need arm but anything helps."

Always seem to dig whatever this guy decides to do. Some classic Jerry for a Thursday.

In other news, QS + Yorkatron = a win-win. Super good.

Interview tomorrow.

Thanks for all the support out there.


Anonymous said...

The Black Cat era of Maple was pretty cool, seems like nobody cared at the time, but I always liked that video.

The Chez said...

He has that strange rubber band looking style. But there's no denying that he rips. His Emerica part is just mind blowin.

honduran said...

all of this is sick. Jer casually shredding that bowl, the lofty no-comply, and i thought the clipper sequence was a bail until i took a closer look. so rad. hsuper.

Skately said...

That clipper sequence is insane! Always appreciated his trick selection, he and Louie can do no wrong in our book.

Keith said...


That clone ad is awesome.

Is that step-off on the clipper bs 50-50 intentional? That's nutty.

I'd be bummed to lose $5500 like that

Anonymous said...

I second the love for Black Cat era Maple. Weird time in skating where tight pants and handrail kids started flooding in

Anonymous said...

i miss bag of suck jerry, or even subject to change jerry. so creative, spontaneous and clean. emerica jerry is way too preoccupied with pointless switch gnar. paired with his 'balls out' approach, that just means injuries, freak outs and weariness. that shit belongs to kids that lack style, not him.

Dave said...

One of the most unique styles in skateboarding. Incredibly creative and stylish. I liked his Stay Gold B-Sides. Shows how hard he works for it.