chrome ball incident #875: hausu

Figured this was the only logical step for today's post. Transworld's influential 90's manifestation of "Skate and Create", Brain Floss. These are some of my favorite selections.

Really wish MJ would put more artwork out there. So amazing.

Be back on Thursday... not sure if I'll continue this Artsy Fartsy tangent or not but thanks for indulging me.

whiteley x humphries for leica


Sonny said...

More please Chops!

Justin Time said...

I'm more impressed with the skills of a certain significant other, who once made a Howell-inspired portrait. That was quite clever and well done.

Anonymous said...

Ron Cameron's skate photos look sick as all hell...boosted layback frontside ollie (?) on that weird convex hip at the old Huntington Park, big no comply on that mini ramp, all with that strange shape...really good style.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I remember an old old brainfloss which got censored. It appeared in the mag as just a black double page spread with a little caption saying that it had to be pulled at the last minute due to it's offensive nature or something along those lines. Does anyone know anything about this? Or was it an ironic joke my teenage brain couldn't comprehend or even something that I've made up entirely?

Keith said...

I like the Howell inspired one that peel did as well!

What does Andy Howell do these days?

The Chez said...

I forgot about that Jahmal WIlliams one. Man, that guy had skills above and beyond skating! And now he's doin Hopps.