chrome ball incident #862: cool calm science

The measured control of Mr. Mark Appleyard.  

Dude was unstoppable in the early 00's... even if he did skate to two Hole songs in the same part. Regardless, Mrs. Cobain led the Flip upstart to 2003 SOTY glory in the face of other highly-respected alternatives... like golden-era Koston's Yeah Right slaughterfest, for example.

Apples always looks like he's having so much fun skating... like its way too easy for him. 

A quick note, sorry if you've emailed me in the last few weeks and I have yet to respond. Things have just been crazy hectic as of late.

Big up to Nikhil Thayer!


Anonymous said...

no hate on the dude at all. he came out fast and lean. he took SOTY because of the momentum. others may have more skin in the game, but he had that momentum on his side.

not my fave overall, but he seemed unstoppable at that exact moment. and no disrespect by saying he's not my fave overall, he's still in the top echelon.

lots of double entendres in this post. do we still have to say no homo?

Anonymous said...

only if you want to look like a homophobe

Anonymous said...

cant wait to see his new part!

The Chez said...

Man, when this guy was on point there was no stopping him. He flowed for quite a while there. Then he got swallowed by the Element enigma. They're like the bad freemasons.
He's gonna have a new part?

Unknown said...

It's supose drop in the early 2012... Oup we are in 2013 now

. This interview in the TWS last year was interesting. Every time i watch the Photosynthesis i am surprise to see Appleyard! I realy like is skating but he seems to slow down from the level we use to know from him.

Keith said...

I think he was one of the first breed of tech handrail skaters who had smooth style. Some of those nollie flip variations onto rails back then was just bonkers.

iirc there was a Dill interview dissing him for leaving Habitat.