chrome ball incident #846: sweet leaf

"Bootleg is trying to be like Baker."

Bryan Herman was able to quickly differentiate himself from the rest of those twerps on the Baker Am Squad back in the day, achieving undeniable "Holy Shit!"-status at breakneck speed in the face of a wave of eager haters (myself, admittedly, being one of them).

This part kills.

Early '00 goodies featuring Thrasher's epic '03 interview with Burnett at the helm and some Sieben art to boot.

UPDATE: Interview is now in sequence. Blogspot keeps fucking up. Sorry about that. Thanks Chez. 


Anonymous said...

god damn that kid is ugly. skates pretty alright though


Picnic tables...resurrected and assassinated in one sitting.

Anonymous said...

how herm managed to land that 3 flip unfocused with the back foot almost in the middle has been boggling my mind for the past 9 years.
it's too bad he's borderline perma-fried. insane talent.

The Chez said...

Kid came out gunnin!

EY said...

The ultimate baked baker boy! Nice!

P.S. My boy James Craig just retired. He can now officially get the chrome job! hint, hint.

Keith said...

Sounds like a pretty regular guy in the interview.

Never really noticed him much when he was a grom. Dude kills it pretty good recently.

Anonymous said...

That's my boy ! Desert rat . One of my all time favorites ! And just a super rad person. Haven't seen you for ever Bryan you killed it in Bake & Destroy. Hope to see one of these days. Pharmacy heads Donnie, Mike White. JB

Anonymous said...

What's up dog ! JB