chrome ball incident #816: mr. big stuff

"I don't fear anything."

One of the best skateboarders of all-time. Period.

Seldom-seen Strength interview from 2002 with Eric Stricker (RIP) amongst other goodies.

...reminds me that its about time to start reposting the CBI/ABD interviews over towards this neck of the woods. Might even discover a few extra goodies in the process.

Big up to Brink.

Be back Thursday. 


stephen said...

Ever since I saw the 'color' vid Ive been a huge fan. This dude is unreal

Five-o Cheapster said...

I agree with Stephen, since Color - a huge fan. Always motivated me after watching his section from second hand smoke. Great post.

The Chez said...

Clean and big at a time when not many were. It's too bad he joined Element though and got abandoned. Something tells me he wasn't done. One of the best to watch. Especially watching him in person was just insane.

Dave said...

The dude just rips. I always felt like he was criminally underrated.

His intro line in the Plan B vid at Carlsbad where it's super long, and suddenly he f/s flips the gap is something that has always stood out in my mind. So epic.

Adams Selymes said...

Besides being an underrated skater he is an awesome artist as well.
Check it:
His brother, Jonas Wray used to skateboard too, does eanyone remember of a video part?

Anonymous said...

i'd take it back a little further and say he's been killing it since Blockhead. Fs 360 sports arena.
Him and jonas had a shared part in the xyz video. love jeremy's line at downhill school earl warren in that one. even though he slams on the last trick.

Anonymous said...

Check out Blockhead - Recycled Rubbish

The Chez said...

I agree Dave. It's not that people didn't know who he was or like him. It's just that it seemed he deserved more for the insane shit he was doing. I mean, look at that nosegrind! People STILL won't touch that!

t.a. said...

I like what he was saying about going the distance over the height in skating. Called to mind the Alex Olson Girl ad, most recently. The On Video segment on Carlsbad, this guy got a lot of props in - for good reason, ya know. He's an all-around rad dude.

Giles said...

element is awful. johnny schilleroff is clearly a good businessman, but he seems like a pretty shitty person. he mistreated a whole bunch of legends that he'd collected on that team. their value helped him to sell it for so much cash, and most of them are now floating around with no real stable back-up. those girl guys really had it right from the get go. take care of your own, or someone else will take advantage.

E.Y. said...

Huge fan since the Debbie days when I got to witness his greatness in person. Skated with Jeremy and Jonas a bit back in the 90's. Two of the raddest dudes ever. Still have one of Jeremy's decks that he let me have after snapping it on a huge gap at my high school. Will keep that treasure forever!

After reading a recent interview with him over at Jekem, I was sickened by the way Element(Billabong) was treating him. That company really is the worst and I wish Jeremy had the opportunity to leave, but everybody needs a paycheck, so I understand.

Jeremy, you really are the greatest, and the kids that don't know, don't matter!

Keith said...

Decent timing with Wray's Ride Channel feature today.

Dude is super sick. Game changer.

I like this shot at AVE week: Koston, Wray, AVE, Guy. Imagine that session!

Never seen that interview before. jeremywray.com is available.

The way he talks about how Element treats him in that Jenkem article really does suck.