chrome ball incident #815: pass the bone

My personal favorite of the Shorty's runt squad.

Such promise... and I have no idea where he's at now, Toan Nguyen.

But I've been ripping off dude's Fulfill the Dream magic tricks to entertain little kids for years now.

And in other news, this has to stoke you out.


Steve M said...

This guy's kickflip back noseblunt at the end of his Fulfill part isn't the cleanest thing ever, but not many people were doing those back then.

Actually, are many people doing them now? I have no idea.

ODB said...

I bet he got fat.

SKEEM said...

very very cool!!!

now post one with Gideon Choi.


K said...

Great post once again Chops. But real talk, was the Shorty's team cursed? Too much, too young. According to interviews w/48 Blocks, it seems like every member of the team either hit hard luck, had team issues or had legal troubles. Examples below

Smolik - His hyping of Sk8Mafia apparently caused some issues w/Shorty's
Brandon Turner - I've heard everything from jail, to seeing a clip of dude having to do a breathalyzer to start his car.

Is there something about getting' it when you're that young that makes you go crazy?

Dave said...

Loved that Thrasher cover, and that issue. The Welsh interview was sick, as was the Kenny Reed interview.

Definitely wonder what happened to this kid.

@K, That Shorty's team definitely seems cursed (particularly the Ams). Aside from the Muska, they all went from the top of the world to smaller grass-roots type companies or into obscurity. Brandon turner has a couple of tricks in Transworld's Cinematographer project (he has a pretty bangin 3 flip at one point).

FUBAR said...

I rememeber i had an old caption of Nguyen doing a bs tailslide off a bump onto the ledge of a closed street bar or something at night. One of the best photos i ve seen. It was a shorty's ad. Its a bummer its not among this set of photos.

t.a. said...

Love Toan! Shortys had it goin' on back in the day. I know Baptista has been steady crushin, but Silvey dipped for a long time. So much unbelievable talent on this team.

This Sh!ts Got Pop!

chops said...

ODB, i think you're right.

working on it, skeem. trying, man.

sorry to disappoint, fubar.

thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

Haha! That funny this weekend we where talking about the kid off Shorty! And Toan was the one that people don't miss at all!

Keith said...

I never really paid much attention to this guy. I remember the hand spinning thing but that's about it. Watching that dream part now, it's pretty sick.

Rothmeyer said...

Toan is killing it these days. I talk to him every once in a while, he was part of our 508 Long Beach crew. He owns and runs a food truck called "The Tailgate Truck" and has it at Angels games, Chargers games and wherever there's SoCal sporting events.
Just an update for those who asked. Good one Chops!

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