chrome ball incident #797: apollo kids

"Dude, what the fuck is updog!?!"

gotta love Biebel.

yeah right! extras never get old.

... and the countdown is on.

"It's like knowing you're gonna die."

special thanks to meza.


Leiv said...

That Pretty Sweet ad with Raven is fucking mental. Shit is going to be tight.

Kris Gurley said...

Biebel is a total milkchicken and a total jock type but I can't help liking the guy. Everyone wants to hang out and party with Biebs. He seems like solid dude.

I am pretty psyched on pretty sweet. Raven, Alverez, Berle and Crankers parts have me a bit anxious for this to come out.

Anonymous said...

Do you think "pretty sweet" is a pun on "girl" and "chocolate"?


chops said...

thanks guys.

gotta say... i'm thinking guy is gonna come through hard on this one.

and tully, i'm pretty sure that's exactly what it is.

Keith said...

I never thought I would be stoked on a jockish looking skater until Biebel showed up. The dude just seems so enthusiastic, happy and down to have a good time.

I thought it was weird when him, BA and McCrank got on Girl. I guess they were sort of the first wave to get on that wasn't from the exodus of World/Blind/101/Plan B.

Also looking forward to pretty sweet. I hope they don't go too HD slo-mo crazy with bad electronic music.