#796: my wandering days are over

"The Earth died screaming while I was dreaming."

All-terrain ripper who always tends to add a touch of class to the proceedings... might just be the accent.

Dude loves some Claus Grabke records, though. And his blog kills, too.

John Rattray.

I know, I know... I've been gone entirely way too long  and I apologize for that.

Regular posts are back again starting now.

Special thanks to Nike SB, the Familia Empire, the Skateboard Museum, Blvd Skateboards, Platinum Seagulls, Hardflip.com, Scumco & Sons, Donny Barley, Evan Smith, Rob Sissi, Mark Whiteley, my Mom, my Brother, and my girl, Peel. 

Kind of behind on a few things right now... working on 'em.

It's been a crazy week but I've somehow come out clean on the other side. Thank you, skateboarding. 


Anonymous said...

glad to have you back, Chops!

Sean said...

What timing. I just got a few pairs of his ecosse shoe from the es ebay store. His dying to live part is excellent. The blunted out tailslide on the rail gets so many style points. Welcome back.

Templeton said...

For me Rattray's Waiting For The World and 411 Rookies are the quintessential Rattray parts. Always liked that he was college educated too.



Brendan said...

Indeed,glad to have you back,man!
How 'bout Daniel Castillo for #800?
You know I've been waiting for that one!

Kris Gurley said...

This cat flew under my radar for too long. He's up in my top ten easy. I think you'll nailed it with the term "Class". That along with style, intelligence and a quirky sense of humor make him a breath of fresh air in the league of pros.

So glad to have you back Chops.

handsclapanin said...

such a nice guy too. it seems like me and my crew run into him every few weeks at random spots here in SD. not an ounce of cool guy in him.

The Chez said...

I used to get Sidewalk Surfer a lot back in the day and remember seeing him as part of the Panic/Blueprint crew. It was strange to see him on Zero some time later.
He's definitely one of the most wise and thought invoking pros out there. He has an interesting mind and knows how to communicate that to the world.

Pagoda said...

I often forget that many pro's have to shirk school to get radical. Take Arto. I've been stoked on Ratray's approach.

flameboy said...

How's about a Rocco interview?

Anonymous said...

How about a Rattray interview?

Keith said...

Predatory Bird boards with the cut out letters are pretty awesome.

I never really paid much attention to him. He does do some awesome stuff for sure.