kirby puckett

if only more scenes were like Minneapolis...

straight up, those dudes don't fuck around.

heading up there the weekend after next for a little soiree.

you should come, too.

special thanks to Nike SB, Familia, Send Help, Skateboard Museum, Rob Sissi and Todd Bratrud.


jeff thorburn said...

sounds like a time!

Royce said...

See ya there! 1up

Keith said...

Sounds great! Wish I could make it.

Send Help is the new High 5 right?

Anonymous said...

how ironic - a skateboarding is dead event sponsored by Nike.

I think Thrasher had a cover once of Skateboarding is dead? - and it died right after that?

it is a self-fulfilling prophecy, if you talk about it enough it will happen -

but it isnt just the corpos that suffer - its everyone

chops said...


This is a FREE event co-sponsored by Nike to promote a local skateshop, their skatepark, a local board company, a local artist and most of all, skateboarding.

Skateboarding had "died" well before that Thrasher cover anyway... this is actually Bratrud's take on an old Rocco ad.

In short, it's a joke.

Rocco is a theme for the event. Skateboard Museum will be displaying rare nerdifacts from that era and Bratrud has even produced 2 amazing new Rocco-esque graphics for it. Should be fun.

So if you happen to be in the Minneapolis area on June 9th, stop by. It won't cost you anything and we'll promise to keep the suffering to a minimum.

platinumseagulls said...

Ricky Rubio is the new Kirby Puckett. See you soon, Chops.

peel said...

Sissi, take care of Chops for me.

Skately said...

Sounds like a blast! Always dug the MN scene going back to the Fobia video days. Can't wait to see the 2 new Rocco-esque graphics, Bratrud is amazing!

Anonymous said...

anyone else remember calling poseurs "third death"? or was that a local thing?

t.a. said...

This sounds like a blast. As much love as the coasts get, I dig the midwest for being a bit untouched and removed from all the ridiculous-ness that can be the skateboard industry.

Also, I know you said you'd be back June 5, but I always check before then & I'm so stoked when you put up a little somethin, somethin.