chrome ball incident #776: the glory of man

St. Pedro. Omega Gnar.

top-shelf Thrasher interview featuring Julien, Cards, Mic-E, Sam Hitz and Jason Jessee. Not bad at all.

And in other news, Jerry + Jenkem. Rad.

Be back Thursday.


Cris said...

My favorite skater ever. All gems in there, Chops.


chops said...

Thanks Cris. Digging this one, too.

Chrome Ball Super Fan said...

He's great in that first Foundation video.

dude bro dude said...

one of the best ever, of all time. up there with cardiel. 4 times out of 5 if you see him at a session he wont even be skating, but the 5th time watch the fuck out.

The Chez said...

God I just want to like the guy but his rodeo stance makes me see snowboarder immediately. Sucks though cause he's gnar as f*ck.
Definitely fits in on Anti Hero. Good pick for Julien.

Keith said...

^ What's a rodeo stance?

He really is super gnarly.