this is a skateboard.



Scumco and Sons is a small skateboard company ran by my friends Nick and Ben here in Pittsburgh. I’ve long been a fan of what they do and was more than flattered when they asked me a few months ago about possibly doing a Guest Board for them.

But it wasn’t easy.

It seemed like back when I was a kid, skateboarding was more of a nickel-and-dime affair… but nowadays, it’s a multi-million dollar proposition. The Chrome Ball Incident Guest Board is actually the product of extensive marketing research in addition to a lengthy consultation process with various creative creation departments around the world, all coming together in an attempt to zero in on the elusive razzle-dazzle that the skateboarding youth of today really wants.

And I couldn’t be more stoked!

These limited edition shred sleds come in 2 shapes, both of which pack enough death, blood and bullets to send your Bunsen over the Junsen, guaranteed.

Perfect for tail-drops and at only $45 (U.S. shipping included), it’s definitely the nice price that won’t be giving your wallet the lube job!

Act now and we’ll even throw in some of our very own Grabracadabra free-of-charge! Get a handle on those pesky airs presto-quick with our multi-colored grips that rip!

But on the real, thanks for all the support over the years that has led to opportunities to do things like this. 

As the sun begins to set on Chrome Ball (not too soon), this is one project that I’ve really been looking forward to and I honestly couldn’t be more hyped about it. Even though they nixed my idea for using Boneite, this was a lot of fun to do. The boards are excellent; high-quality, Pennswood construction at a decent price with graphics that really seem to capture what skateboarding is all about.

And I still can’t believe we got to make that Grabracadabra shit.   

Big thanks to Nick and Ben over at Scumco and Sons for doing this.

And thanks to all of you for turning what is essentially some dude with a bunch of magazines into something that still baffles my wildest dreams.

Your friend and humble narrator,


P.S. You're gonna dig tomorrow's interview.

P.S.S. And yes, we are handling international orders.

Complete the buying process on the Scumco site and you'll recieve an email shortly thereafter regarding an additional shipping fee.

U.S. orders ship free.

Thanks guys!


Leiv said...

Yes! Must have!
Please tell me you ship to Japan...

chops said...

thanks Leiv.

Wes, we are shipping international orders, though I believe they will be an additional fee.

(We're already kinda getting murdered on the U.S. shipping but we wanted to keep them cheap.)

Brendan said...

Many congrats,Chops!
Loving the Grabracadabra,too,mate!

Any chance of shipping out of the US?
One of these needs to be on my wall and one needs to be beneath my feet.

mdspb said...

These couldn't be more perfect. ScumCo's a rad operation.
Good work on the ChromeBall Cheap Skates ad!

Leiv said...

Pfft! Fees shmees...

One nice thing about being on the other side of the globe is the ability to lurk while the rest of you sleep. My work week would be hell without you Chops! Good looks!

chops said...

Thanks Leiv.

I checked with Nick and the way we're doing international orders is that once you complete the buying process on the site (hit the $ sign), you'll receive an email shortly there after regarding an additional fee to get it there.

Thanks guys!

Leiv said...

Thanks Chops! I'm on it.

Gremm said...


Tim said...

Definitely ordering!

Beyond stoked that Scumco and Chromeball could do this together.

Very fitting that you've managed to collaborate with both the little guys and the big guys over the years.

JL said...

Totally loving this! That ad takes right me back to being a little kid looking at the back of Thrashers in math class in '87.

And that Grabacadabra, are you kidding me? Totally forgot about that stuff. Had some on the nose of an old Claus Grabke when I was a kid. Streetplants & learning to ollie with the back wheels in a crack.

This post brings back so many good memories. Definitely getting a cruiser to lay down some slappies.

Justin said...

That's totally awesome. The return of the Rip Grip makes it even better.

Maurice said...

My Mom said if I cut the grass and promise to make an A in Math, she'll buy me one!!!

Royce said...


Anonymous said...

Broke as a joke. I'd love to hang that cruiser on my wall. Congratulations Chops!


Loo Ganida said...

Order placed! Super stoked!
Love the Graphic, by the way.
Thanks for keeping this thing alive!
How bout a Mike Santarosa post?
Don't know how much mag coverage that guy got, dude dissapeared...
haha just a sugestion to keep this going. Thanks again.

Chip Van Ham said...

That top graphic would be completely dope as a patch, or a tshirt. Amazing work, Chops.

The Chez said...

That's radically awesome! I'm gonna have to get one of each.

"As the sun begins to set on Chrome Ball" - what does this mean? Something else in the works?

Alex said...

Good to see someone putting this concept out again. John Freeborn / GoodAndEviL skateboards did this 15+ years ago in Providence. If only we had blogs back then, more than 100 people would've known about it. ha!


Regardless, I might still have to order one of these so I can skate it. My Good&Evil one is staying in the wrapper. Props on getting this out there, guys.

Anonymous said...

Such a classic opening sequence from Animal Chin. Love it!

I must own this!

chops said...

thanks guys.

doesn't surprise at all, alex. that's sick. thanks, man.

glad you guys dig the boards and the rip grip. hopefully this means my friends won't go bankrupt now.

santarosa post isn't a bad idea, loo.

and thanks chip, shirts might be something to do in the future but first, we gotta get rid of the rest of these boards.

thanks everyone.

Bif said...

I missed out on the Nikes and I missed out on the Heal Bruse shirt (and I still kick myself), I'm not missing this. I'm gonna get both.
Great work Chops!

Keith said...

well done E! Great graphic and homage.

Grabacadabra! lol

The Chez said...

So are you on the Creative Creation department or Marketing Research, Chops?

a man said...

Just saw this yesterday. Ordered a cruiser immediately.
Skateboarding rules.