Thank you to everyone that has ordered the CBI Guest Board so far.

There are still some available here. Just hit the "$" to order.

If you missed the post, the graphic is an Animal Chin reference. 

Chrome Ball will return on March 12th. Gotta go help pack boxes.

Thanks again!


Keith said...

Totally Radical!



The Chez said...

Fully Awesome!

Glad I got one. I've always wanted that graphic.

Thanks to ScumCo and Chops for doin this!
Now I have a filmer board. Yes, I'm old.

chops said...

Thanks for picking one, Chez. I really appreciate it.

The Chez said...

No worries Chops. If I hadn't just left my job I would have gotten both. Then again, if I were worried about $45 then I think I'd have bigger issues. Maybe I shall see if the regular boards are available still...

chops said...

thanks again, chez.

My comment above was supposed to say 'thanks for picking one UP' but I have a tendency to skip words sometimes while typing. But seriously, thank you.